Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Does Jewish anti-Semitism exist?
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 28.04.19, 16:18
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1. A Jewish newspaper?
jay e segal   (04.29.19)
I think you have your facts wrong. The current Sulzberger in charge is a Protestant, and the majority shareholder is Carlos Slim, a Maronite Christian. How does that make the NY Times a Jewish newspaper?
2. Nytimes is NOT Jewish owned!
Jhey ,   Shenzhen   (04.29.19)
As a journalistic venue, YNet should be more responsible when publishing articles with statements claiming to be facts
3. Swastikas now part of uniform at NY Times.
Aaron   (04.29.19)
4. The Truth is not a Canard, not a Lie, not Racist
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (04.29.19)
Trump is Netanyahu's Donkey.
5. Do you want to know what Jewish antisemitism is?
Cynthia Morris ,   Danbury   (04.28.19)
It's other name is Stockholm Syndrome. It comes about because of 2,000 years of discrimination, expulsions, pogroms, and Holocausts. It is rooted in terror and cowardice, that if the sufferer does not repudiate his or her Judaism and adopt the bigotry and hatred of the antisemite, he or she will be persecuted as well.

It's what you read in the Sulzberger NYT. It's what you see in those like George Soros, Rebecca Vilkomerson, and Bernie Sanders. It is the reason millions of European Jews embraced Reform Judaism and millions of others abandoned their faith or converted to Christianity and Islam. It is a denial of Self and Truth and a sickness unto death.
6. Does it exist ?
DSM ,   USA   (04.28.19)
Is the Pope Catholic ?
7. Of course look at 90% Of those in our Israeli media
IsraeliMedia ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.19)
Their anti Judaic venom drips from our tv screens daily
Israelis are fed a daily dose of self hating Jews we must be a nation of masochists not to demand one only one Pro Zionist mainstream tv Channel
8. Pretty hard to fall in love
Spend 4 weeks cleaning the house floor to ceilling for Pessah. Spend two days cooking and voila; eight days of Matzos only to find yourself spending 8k on broken teeth ( from the matzot)
Mamash in love with our bloody religion!
9. Raid Algtard the monkey calls US a donkey
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.28.19)
10. Self-hating Jews can be perverted antisemites!
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (04.28.19)
11. Forget the NYT...look at Ynet...a schmatta that makes the
Al   (04.28.19)
NYT proud.
12. Sulzberger family
Kenneth Honig ,   New Rochelle   (04.28.19)
The New York Times used to be Jewish-owned. The current publisher of the New York Times paternal grandfather was Jewish, but his more immediate family is Protestant. Carlos Slim is the majority owner of the NYT, whose parents were Maronite Christians. This might explain why the Times is less friendly to Israel than it has in the past. I believe Mr. Yemini's premise in this case is incorrect.
13. not Jewish owned anymore
avi   (04.28.19)
Daddy Sulzberger was a JINO who married a gentile and Little Sulzberger is gentile
14. !! Jewish Antisemitism is Called "Jewish Self-Hatred"
Setmose ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.19)
Practiced by "Self-Hating Jews". This terminology has been around a long time. The author should know such things.
15. Antisemitism
Jim ,   London   (04.28.19)
The Jewish Antisemitism is called self hatred nothing new the first one was with his new St Paul
16. jews also voted for hitler so what is the point ?
Gal   (04.28.19)
The point is that the caricature had immediate results, the shooting at the synagogue and perhaps that also explains the less than 20 seconds dedicated to a reaction by the president of the United states repeating twice the word unbelievable .
The current president is not a blind man being led by a jewish dog , a German breed by the way, dachshund, but a lying arrogant pig who encourages racism with his hate speech . Hate is never just towards one minority, but it targets everyone that is not part of the majority .
17. Sorry, but I was unable to identify the dog as Netanyahu.
Stan ,   Israel   (04.28.19)
So BDY thinks that this is anti-Semitism. How does he define all the caricatures in Sheldon Adelson's right wing rag which belittle center or left wing polititions.
18. The Far Bigger Problem
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (04.28.19)
is that innumerable malinformed American liberal Jews point to this "mainline American 'Jewish' beacon" as justification for "normalcy" of their off-the rails liberal socialist Dim misojudaism (and anti-Americanism).
19. Oblivion
PermReader   (04.28.19)
We,Jews fear the oblivion,the same as a death.The assimilants disappear from the Jewishness,and we equate them with a deads. Compare the 35 millions of their Irish roots.The Jewish oblivion means the real Jew- hate. It`s a mass Jew-hate for the long times!
20. Anti-semites
PermReader   (04.28.19)
You banned my comment as you do it traditionally. I see Ynetnews as self-hating = anti-semitic in reality. The ugly form of the Jewish degradation.
21. Leftism: No greater threat to human kind.
Too Bad ,   Anytown, USA   (04.28.19)
Socialism. National Socialism. Marxist Socialism. Democratic Socialism... there's something in the notion of bringing people together that seems to excel at driving people apart, inducing ethnic hatred, and destroying human societies, like no other "ism" in human history except, perhaps....Islam.

American Jews, in their underlying and repressed fear of once again being separated out and persecuted, have made a fatal error of embracing this most destructive of isms. It is both understandable and regrettable. It is certainly not rocket science.

We look to Israel and the Israelis to provide us with a framework for understanding the emancipated Jew, as was the intent of that nation's founders.

As for the American Jews, they are living on borrowed time. Whether by their own hand or someone else's, they will succumb to the forces of assimilation and anti-semitism. Their reflexive identification with, and embrace of, Leftist ideologies will insure this outcome and perhaps hasten it.
naro ,   nyc   (04.28.19)
Hey Ben-Dror Yemini THE NYTIMES IS NOT OWNED BY JEWS. You ignorance is annoying. The Sulzberger family converted to Christianity, and are not friends of the Jews.
23. Nonsense. Cartoon is spot on.
24. Leftists have lost their minds.
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.28.19)
So, anxious are they to get their way that they stoop to any low.
25. the new york times isn’t “jewish-owned”!
shloime ,   toronto   (04.28.19)
26. Judenrats
Jack bender ,   Singer il.fl.   (04.28.19)
The Sulzberger family ..owners ny slimes...are no longer Jewish ...assimilated

Episcopalians.."...the present Sulzberger is a gentile...maybe 1/8 Jewish in blood terms...the earlier Sulzbergers were judenrats in the first degree ..
27. Jewish antisemitism
Lee ,   LA   (04.28.19)
Bernie Sanders, Thomas Friedman just for starters
28. NYT didnn't write about Holocaust when it was taking place
ab   (04.28.19)
Not a word, obedient to FDR order to Jews "Don't rock the boat!" ,despite the fact many of the contemporary writers of the papers had families perishing there.
Kapos then and now.
29. rare to agree
larry ,   LA (formally)   (04.29.19)
unusual for me to agree with Ben-Dror Yemini, but this time I think he is correct. I have seen the NYT go from a top newspaper to a leftist liberal extreme rag albeit with excellent writers.

It is a sad thing to see good papers go bad. Same has happened to the Ha'aretz which was once THE paper of Israel; today it has gone to the extreme left and is irrelevant.....
30. New York Times is not Jewish owned. The editor is 1/4 Jewish
Avner ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.19)
New York Times is not Jewish owned. The editor is 1/4 Jewish. You need to do some basic research, just on Wikipedia, before writing these articles.
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