Nepotism and irregularities at Independence Day event
Yaron Drukman
Published: 28.04.19, 23:12
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1. Ha ha ha, what a surprise
Disillusioned   (04.29.19)
But fear not, because "steps are being taken."

2. Unsuitable
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (04.29.19)
This woman is clearly unsuitable to be a government minister. Enough already !!!
3. Unfortunately,
j   (04.29.19)
more than symbolizing the resurrection of the Jewish state, this event uncovers more and more of thinly veiled abuses of public positions' holders. It's horrifying to think of all them future tricks and shtiks at the centennial event....
4. Nepotism in Likud's Israel? You must be mistaken!
5. M. Horowitz in Facebook: Peres party was a private affair!
Yep, the entire birthday party was paid for privately.
The above comment you made is plain old nasty because a private affair is private.
The torch lighting ceremony is paid for with ISRAELI TAX MONEY therefore since the money is from the public coffers there is no reason for MInister Miss Thing to be spending public money on her PRIVATE affair!
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