FBI was tipped off about threat minutes before synagogue shooting
Reuters, Associated Press
Published: 29.04.19, 21:50
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1. NYT Contributes with cartoon.
yaron ,   Melbourne   (04.30.19)
In the midst of the Holocaust the NYT the editors have essentially decided to bury the story in back pages, removing mention of Jews from a story on Auschwitz - as a former managing editor of the Times said: “I assure you, nobody put a sign on the wall that said downplay the Holocaust. It’s the way of life. You have an organization. Sometimes things are not said, they’re done.” This burning ideology buried in back pages a story of the killings of 700,000 in favoured placing comparatively trivial information on the front page. By their own hands they assisted the disinformation by the Nazis. Given the killing have gone into hyper-mode later in the war – who knows how many people would have been alive if there was pressure to bear in stopping some of the transports (such as the 500,000 Hungarian Jews) with limited diversion of resources. The Times, knowingly and with malice had engaged in purposeful downplaying of the Holocaust- it has blood on its hands – it has never gone through a major clean up , put a system in place for ‘never again’ (to borrow the phrase) and instead proceeded as if nothing has happened and retained its reputation as if deplorable act of downplaying the death of millions and by that assisting the Nazis has any bearing on its journalistic integrity. It by the way repeated this, on a small scale, when it came to the Crown Heights riots. This is not an aberration – this is the ideology which infuses the New York Time – a publication where the truth is made a slave to ideology, where the means justify the end and where hatred is so burning that they will sink to the lowest level with smears and lies – demonizing those who do not agree with them. It is not News worthy when you are systematically biased, when you are driven an agenda, etc. The writing-out of Jews from a story about Auschwitz , as they have done during the Holocaust, it but one deplorable act of Fake News by the Times – one of many. Their jumping to the defence of anti-Semites on a regular basis – is not new, the anti-Semitism in their cartoons is only getting worst, and like during the Holocaust where the treated Jews differently from all other groups – they do so today – It is antisemitic – even if they choose to sell it otherwise - it is antisemitic.
2. Incredible response by this shul, its congregants, rabbi...
Let's Honor Them ,   CA, USA   (04.30.19)
and G-d rest the soul of Lori Kaye.

עם ישראל חי
3. What's the use ?
What's the use of being tipped off if you can't prevent it ?
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