Louisiana bill to ban companies boycotting Israel
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Published: 30.04.19, 08:37
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1. Terrible
This bill should fail and I Pray it does. Thankfully, a wiser judge recently decided a speech therapist who lost her job for boycotting Israeli products over her concern for ill treatment of her loved ones in occupied territory, will be re-instated.

The remaining over 20 states with anti-BDS laws also need to be overturned. They are unconstitutional.

Within 6 months Jewish lives were snuffed out from white nationalist anti-semitism that Trump thinks is "not really" a problem.

The U.S. needs to get it priorities straight, it has failed its Jewish citizens, and the sooner Trump is out, the sooner that will happen. Enough hatred of the other, enough nationalistic supremacy that gives license to kill the "Jews who are taking over."

The killing from the far right, is deplorable. And it comes from a lack of respect, compassion, and tolerance from haters with no understanding of the Sanctity of human life.

As Jews we need to unite with Muslims in America to combat the senseless hatred toward us both. Enough white nationalism.
2. The BDS illusion
blabla   (05.01.19)
Arent bills like this counter productive? Dont they put the spotlight to much on BDS? Give them more attention than they deserver. I know that the right wing likes enemies, that they can blow out of proportion. BDS is a case like this. In their nearly 20 year history they havent accomplished anything relevant, even without legislation like this. Most people outside Israel have never heard of BDS. Even Arab states are losing interest in the whole boycott thing.
But Bills like this an constant new coverage dont just give them publicity, they even give them the possibilty of painting themselves as the poor victim of the anti-free-speech establishment. Sounds familiar? Its straight out of the right-wing-populist textbook. Bills like these also put fuel into the fire of antisemitic conspiracy theories.
3. Is West Bank part of Israel???
4. Thank goodness we have the States
Leeann ,   Tel-Aviv   (05.04.19)
The whole BDS thing is ridiculous. First and foremost, Israel is a decent country that strives for peace and has attempted to make peace numerous times with the Palestinians. Second of all, BDS harms Palestinians much more then it harms Israelis so once again the Palestinians get screwed by the “people trying to help them”
Question: what do people expect, for Israel to disapear? Would they like Israel to sit and negotiate with a terrorist group that 90% of Gazains are against and fear?!
And, how does BDS benefit the Palestinians?
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