Israeli military: Islamic Jihad behind firing of a rocket towards Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 30.04.19, 09:14
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1. One Islamic Jihad is just like the other Islamic Jihad
C   (04.30.19)
not one, nor the other, nor any, accept infidels in their midst. they all
demand submission which means total obedience to the groups'
dictates. the slightest deviation is punished.
the islamic jihad is essentially an islamic cult. its head is totalitarian
to whom members swear loyalty.
their preferred weapon is the suicide bomb in its various forms.
they have no heart, no conscience, no morality.
their sole goal in life is to annihilate all those who are not like them.
the only way to defeat them is to be more brutal than they are.
the champaing marxists will scream bloody murder but they will survive.
islamic jihad has understood this principle and has put it to practice.
in los angeles, the would be terrorist searched the longest nail
to pierce the body and its organs. if you ask them about this practice,
they will answer that they do not have airplanes.
so obviously, their issue is not how to kill, but how many to kill.
they use all manner of propaganda to prove that they are the victims.
2. Bibiyahu selling us Good Jihad vs Bad Jihad?!
3. IDF's great at defending Hamas
ab   (04.30.19)
4. Bibi looking for an empty field to hit as retaliation.
Sam ,   Montreal   (04.30.19)
That should deter Islamic Jihad.
5. Good, what an average reader like me
t   (04.30.19)
is supposed to do with this announcement? To run to the shelter with "Jihad" label on it, instead of running to the "Hamas"-labeled shelter?
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