Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The Knesset doesn't care about the will of the people
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 30.04.19, 23:30
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1. Seems like the U.S.
DSM ,   USA   (05.01.19)
Congress passes a healthcare law for the people but for themselves they have a better one. Term limits is the answer.
2. Worst Anti Semites are from Israeli media
NextElection80Seats! ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.19)
Don’t bother looking for them at NY Times their right here on the Israeliborin and electronic medias
3. Ben- Dror
Boaz   (05.01.19)
People voted for Likud knew well in advance that they automatically go with religeous parties. People who voted for Shas and Agudat haTorah also knew that they will go with Likud. Likud runs a modern prosperous country and the religeous make sure that jewish way of life is maintained.
Tell it to my mother; she left a huge house, cars and servants behind to raise us in Israel, so that her kids don't assimilate. Do you really want to punish her twice?
4. No such thing as will of the people
Adam ,   Ft Lauderdale   (05.01.19)
There is no such thing as will of the people. People are not a monolith; they are individuals with their own wills and desires. Meretz represents the will of its constituency just as the United Right represents their constituency.
5. The writer has a valid point BUT
Charles   (05.01.19)
Unless the minimum party percentage is raised to 7 or even 8 percent, these small parties have every right & even duty to push their agenda. This is democracy with all its faults. If the write does not like the system, he must democratically try to change it, he must not offer a dictator solution.
6. I feel that it doesn't matter whom we voted for -
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.01.19)
the Knesset coalition will decide its laws according to its own wishes
and not for the benefit or wishes of the overall population. Pity so much
money was spent on elections. All it did was give the Knesset a "car wash"!
7. Against this argument
Disillusioned   (05.01.19)
Ben Dror Yemini usually brings sanity of thought to insane situations, and he's an astute, sensible observer. But in this case there's something left out in the equation.

It's completely true that the people may not have voted for this or that law, but the unpleasant - even unpalatable - reality is that they when a majority votes for people who, prior to the election, were already openly advocating laws that, if passed, will be the first steps towards totalitarian - and theocratic - government.

It is therefore trite, indeed, to argue that they voted for Netanyahu but not for the laws that the people he openly courted even before declaring an election, would almost certainly be pushing for.

If these proposed laws are passed, it is because the 50+ percent (which IS the majority) who, despite all the signs - and even the promises - from power-seeking, ideologically bigoted and dictatorial fringe groups and their cultish followers - of what they intend to do - STILL couldn't bring their pathetic, cowardly, blinded selves to as much as TRY to bring change.

When the damage is done, and Israel's democracy is in tatters, dismantled by theocratic fringe groups who joined together so that each of them could get a a slice of the spoils, crying that "well I voted for Bibi but I didn't want haredi education for my children, or cinemas shut on shabbat, or more of my taxes to support parasitic professional beggars" will be as empty as the heads that continued to chant the same tune: "all the same, he's the best leader ever."

It's been patently evident for almost 10 years now that a vote for Bibi has grown into a vote for the death of democracy, freedom of choice , as well as for oppressive laws that will turn the country into a theocratic, ignorant, unproductive, failed state. There is NOBODY to blame but the majority (albeit not a very big one) who voted for parties they knew intended to bring this about.
8. There were no hidden agendas in the election
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.01.19)
All those who voted Bibi and right knew the Haredim would recieve billions and that Holocaust survivors, the handicapped etc will get nothing. Everyone knew Bibi called the election to save his skin from the law and they still voted for him. There is a clear majority that support corruption and would prefer an Iranian-style theocracy over democracy....it is very clear in the election results.
9. Leftist scum you can leave anytime!
Phoenix   (04.30.19)
Israel is Jewish you goyish leftists can get the hell out!
10. What the religious are doing, tasteless& infuriating as it
may be, is not different from what other interests groups have been doing for ages now.
It's called politics.
sometimes it reflects the real mood of a country, sometimes less so.
But trying to deny the spoils to the victors under phony reasoning about "unity" is not the answer.
If the leaders are wise indeed, they will try to curb their appetite for power.
11. The author of the article
J. Mendelson ,   Jerusalem   (05.01.19)
refuses to accept the people's decision. When the voters cast their ballots, they all knew that it was to eventually form a coalition with several parties. Voters of one party were aware that their party of choice will need the cooperation of several others so that a government could be formed. This is part of the rule of the people and the decision they have made. Mr. Yemini can quibble all he wants whether they really wanted this or that specific point or demand from one of the smaller parties, but all the voters who participated in the elections were aware from the outset that compromises would need to be made in order to form a coalition. So, this is also part of the "will of the people," even if Ben-Dror Yemini wishes it were otherwise.
12. free and democratic Israel is disappearing bit by bit
doda ,   givatayim   (05.01.19)
13. draft LAW
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (05.01.19)
The ultra Orthadox are NOT a friend to the rebirth of Israel example they do not speak Hebrew consider it defiled by the modern jews only use it for tora studies YIDDISH is there language they could care less if ISRAEL WERE DEFEATED IN A WAR
14. Ynet in English is unapologetically anti-religious.
Future of Goodnes..   (05.02.19)
And anti isreal.
It's safe to assume the only employ progressive morons.
Good God-fearing Jews are not welcome by these anti-semites
15. Who does care?
Yehuda ,   Ashdod   (05.02.19)
They're politicians! The ONLY thing the members of the Knesset care about is remaining in power.
16. The Knesset Doesn't Care About the Will of the People
James Hoagland ,   Modiin   (05.02.19)
Have to consider the meaning of "expost facto" when writing a law concerning immunity.. Then the effect on a democracy-if in fact some handful of government members become above the Law. Very dangerous proposals for a country that prides itself onbeing a democracy.
17. Robert
We unfortunately elected this gov ...especially
the stay home citizens
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