New Knesset sworn in, Rivlin urges coalition to be ' honorable winners'
Published: 30.04.19, 17:40
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1. He should also urge the opposition to be honorable losers
Jake   (04.30.19)
and not attempt to subvert the democratically elected government and its leader using underhanded, anti-democratic, and dubious "legal" machinations.
2. The real losers are the Haredim,
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (05.01.19)
because they will miss Miss Zoabi with her big lungs. It was always a show and made them libidinous in the morning sessions.

For Zion
3. Supporter of Israel
JEREMIAH GUERRERO ,   los angeles californ   (05.04.19)
How come arab Knesset members don't sing the National Anthemn Hatikva?

Do they really support Israel or just a 5th Column of Israel's enemies?
4. Like obama
Eliyahu   (05.04.19)
How can you defend anyone in government for their immorality? They are all privileged high school popularity seekers. Look at gantz and the selfie and you know the depth of the wisdom of the knesset.
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