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'Lying under a pile of bodies, I swore I will survive'
Goel Beno
Published: 03.05.19, 13:20
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1. Great man, G-d bless you.
2. Nazis or Romanians?
Petru Clej ,   London   (05.03.19)
Was Ephraim deported by the Nazis or by the Romanian troops?
3. Came across this truly powerful and poignant observation
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.03.19)
That’s dramatic and stirring and even uplifting

Israel has 2 memorial days
Yom Hazikaron
Memorial Day for the Fallen
The cost of having Israel

Yom Hashuah
Holocaust Remembrance Day
The cost of not
4. Great man.
Givon   (05.04.19)
5. Name of his organization
Joel ,   Toronto   (05.04.19)
If you are going to write about this wonderful man why not mention the name of his organization or an email address so others reading this article can help him help other survivors.
6. thank god for him, but where is the so callled jewish state?
rosa ,   amsterdam   (05.04.19)
Thanks god that he survived and does this good work.
But how is it possible that in a country that calls itself the start up nation to show how well it does economically, people in general and survivors in particular are not taken care of by that same state??? basics like food, shelter and clothing are the duty of a state, especially a state that insists on calling itself jewish. where is the rachmanut in this sytem?
7. Absolutely disgusting
Ivor Biggergun   (05.04.19)
given the money Germany sends to Israel that there are Holocaust survivors and their families starving in the state of Israel
8. I salute this wonderful man.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.04.19)
9. I Will Survive
Eli Jenkins ,   Swansea UK   (05.04.19)
The main duty of a true Jew is to survive and beget many children to teach them to survive as Jews.
10. can we help?
What a moving story. Please tell us where we can contribute to helping Mr. Ben-Avraham help these aging survivors to survive
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