A global disaster, not only a Jewish one
Michel Kichka
Published: 02.05.19, 23:11
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1. Kichka is out of his mind.
DSM ,   USA   (05.02.19)
"The State of Israel appropriated the Holocaust..." It is hard to make a more stupid comment.
2. This Author is a particularly dangerous and unintelligent
kind of Idiot-Jew: one that has learned absolutely nothing and one that's drawing conclusions, that can only lead to yet another calamity for our nation.
It is so sickening to read, that I don't even want to go into details...
maybe someone else can do it for me?
3. Using the holocaust to dig at Bibi - thats cheap
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (05.03.19)
Who is the author to say which Jews should and shouldn’t mention the holocaust?
It was not an event for liberals only
4. !! Michel Kichka Makes His Living Off the Holocaust
Setmose ,   Jerusalem   (05.03.19)
Cartoonist / Graphic Novelist Michel Kichka makes his living and derives his identity from the Holocaust. His Israeli sharp elbows leave no room for anyone else to "possess" or "appropriate" that narrative. He is the scum that scum scrapes off of its shoes.
5. This article is a disgrace
Mark ,   Cherry hill   (05.03.19)
Those that died in the Holocaust are looking down and extremely proud of young Jewish people for learning about the Holocaust and for defending the Jewish nation. How dare this author express views such as this. He is a disgrace to his own people.
6. So open minded that your brains fall out
David ,   New york   (05.03.19)
The holocaust if about “all humanity”??
I don’t think so.
It was about where fanatical antisemitism
And we see would be mimickers today (in islamofascists)

But Zionism has a simplistic notion of the holocaust.
Having s state of Israel doesn’t not protect us from physical anihilation
And protecting our religious soul is what is most important
No assimilation, no Jewish intermarriage
Those are the death camps of today
7. Ynet hacked?
Ariks ,   Zurich   (05.03.19)
Looks like The Daily Stormer has hacked ynet.
8. Weird article, doesn't make sense.
Boris ,   new york   (05.03.19)
Is that the best piece Ynet chose to put out on the subject?? Very disappointing.
9. The HOLOCAUST is a highly exaggerated event
khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (05.03.19)
10. BB and his voters do make one believe the author is right
As a survivor of the Holocaust I don't need Israel. Look at the way survivors are treated. I know perfectly well that the majority of non-European Jews couldn't care less or even worse are holocaust deniers. I fought wearing a Russian uniform with a phony last name because both sides hated Jews. I live in the US now where terrorism is the worst, and when I see BB hugging the racist president it tells it all.
11. GOOD PIECE, GOOD CALL on hypocrisy of Bibi govt
Rafi ,   US   (05.03.19)
12. 1/3 of Israeli population in 1948 were Holocaust survivors
Expert   (05.03.19)
You can also listen online to the survivors just 5 days after liberation of their camps singing Hatikva together.

Every nation deserves a homeland except Israel? Where on earth does Ynet come up with these columnists?

Yes, we should give survivors more money,but it has to come from somewhere. Same for disabled who deserve more.But leftists aleays seem to think money grows on trees,and it is only the fault of mean people that there is not enough. In reality, companies are what create wealth, and strengthening business and education is the way to solve poverty.

13. Polish PM honors murderers of Jews-and author compares him
ab   (05.03.19)
to Netanyahu ?
Deranged idiot
14. only/primarily politicians who 'remember' the sho'ah
Richard Sherwin ,   Herzliyah   (05.03.19)
what historians 'remember' and 'revise' get dumped into internet 'libraries' and fake news...most people dont even search for 'facts' about it. if politicians didnt stir up consciousness for whatever reasons (including whatever you call bad), it'd have become a non-event even sooner than it is becoming. you dont like this particular use / reference/ news about it, do your own. it's a facebook free for all, which includes being totally ignored.... unknown. enjoy the polls ... and pols... at least some jews somewhere (against psychofakery of the benefits of forgetting the past, PTS etc) do try and remember, learn, activate politically. the rest of the world's got its own brexit problems...
15. Shame on Ynet for publishing this grotesque screed.
Jake   (05.03.19)
Poverty is an issue that plagues all sectors of society.
To keep things in perspective, whereas about one quarter of Holocaust survivors in Israel live below the poverty line, over 50% of Haredi Jews do.

As for Israel "appropriating" the Holocaust, the author seems to have forgotten Israel is not only the Jewish State, but is home to the largest number of Holocaust survivors in the world. Moreover, in light of resurgent antisemitism and threats of destruction against the Jewish people, it is only a strong Israel that provides a true insurance policy for Jews , both here and abroad.
Years of "internationalizing" the issue of the Holocaust have failed to protect Jews and have failed to prevent the specter of virulent antisemitism from rising again.
16. Holocaust is not used as a means of self promotion
C   (05.03.19)
the holocaust is uniquely jewish.
the jews were singled out for mass extermination by the germans.
stop spewing odious marxist mantra.
17. My PhD nephew
Boaz   (05.04.19)
Told me that at the academy you take a subject, twist it, throw the most ridiculous argument to stimulate debate.
Ynet needed to fill the comment section. They accepted a clown's work
18. Europe must own the Holocaust
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.06.19)
If antisemitism helped to define modern Europe the Holocaust left an indelible stain on its history. While the Holocaust simply remains the painful property of Israel and the Jewish people at large Europe can merely view it as aberration or even pretend it did not happen. We fool ourselves if we think that simply having a militarily strong - and/or for some a religiously strong - Israel is the answer to such evil. Until all people and nations (including the US and Britain with their pasts bathed in the blood of slavery) look deep into their collective histories they will never learn about themselves and what they capable of perpetrating.
19. most of Europeans have Anti Semitic feelings, but
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.07.19)
they welcome Muslims with open arms.

I miss Israel so much, very often... Why an apartment is so expensive? Olim can't afford.
20. Renato@FB: "axis of Evil" always was and is = United States.
thewall   (05.08.19)
Some of the hardcore facts that prove WHO really is US:
Fact #1: US exterminated 90% of those whom North America belonged to - THE INDIANS.
Fact #2: The Evil, the United States of "great" America, was the one who planned the WWII. US is the one who has been supporting and building up German military machine in order to attack Soviet Union. US was behind the extermination of Soviet Union, and its Jews as major contributors to the rise of the "red" communism. Hundreds of American biggest corporations were investing their efforts into strengthening German power. USA was and IS the real evil today and yesterday.
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