Rockets fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon, Rehovot, IDF strikes Hamas positions in Gaza Strip
Published: 04.05.19, 09:27
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1. Pal retards can't understand Israel reacts
ab   (05.04.19)
2. Are you sure?
We did not hear anything in Rehovot.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.04.19)
Israel should act as it did during the Six Days War. Israel didn't wait for its enemies attack us in order to respond. We acted first, we destroyed their entire airplanes fleet before they could even start flying; we destroyed all their tanks and only then Muslims begged for Peace. This is the only way Hamas might understand before being completely destroyed. Iron fist really works!
4. Have Netanyahu pay protection $ so we'll have quiet
5. ID10T's here with dumb responses
Mini Me ,   Netherlands   (05.04.19)
@ab (05.04.19) How about trying to speak a complete sentence that everyone can understand. You are talking gibberish (all the time)
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