3 hurt as Israel comes under massive rocket fire from Gaza
Ynet and Agencies
Published: 04.05.19, 13:47
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1. Israel's nonsensical reply
DSM ,   USA   (05.04.19)
One dead? What kind of retaliation is this. No wonder Israel continues to take rocket fire. There is little consequence. This type of attack is the reason Bibi won the election and yet it looks like he has failed his first test. The IDF continues to drop expensive rockets and kills no one. Whoever leads the IDF should be replaced with someone who understands how to fight for a country that is at war.....even though some of it's own leaders and world leaders do not know it.
2. Leadership
Kenny ,   Cleveland ohio   (05.04.19)
Bomb the homes of leadership in Gaza and the luxury hotel! Make there families shiver when the bombs strike
3. What was it people said who reelected Netanyahu??
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.19)
"Only Bibi can protect Israel???He's not able to protect himself from his own wife!!!Well those that voted this gereatric has been with his ultra orthodox " we won't enlist" partners will have to live with it.
4. Never trust an Arab. Expel all of them back to Arabia.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.04.19)
5. Crush the Arabs calling themselves name of Greek Philistines
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.04.19)
Kick the remanants back to their Arabia.
AL   (05.04.19)
you don't cuddle an enemy vanquish them.

The IDF command are spinless useless toothless fools.

They simply refuse to defend the country.

Your lawyers are strangling you.

Incredibly frustrating to see.

An army is not a P
R vehicle to sell armaments. It's there to defend the country.
7. Seek a truce as soon as rockets launch?????
8. Blanket bomb Gaza
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.04.19)
That'll shut them up!
9. IDF honchoes "hold consulttions" while pals just pound them
ab   (05.04.19)
Robert ,   Israel   (05.04.19)
Truce should only come after Hamas and the other jihads in Gaza are completely defeated . IDF "work" should not be stopped until it is completely finished. Half done jobs are not the solution to keep peace in the southern part of Israel nor in the rest of the country.
11. When Netanyahu pays protection money it will stop
....after all these people all voted for him because he is their king let him save them!
12. oh my god netanayhu
geroge   (05.04.19)
bibi is a brilliant politician, wheeler and dealer and proved it in the recent election. oh my god get out the vote worked while gantz was in slow motion offering a blemished military record during the gaza war.

however, in the security field, bibi reacts the same way, oh my god, rockets, blood, he is utterly incapable of assembling his experts to plan a decisive operation in gaza. rabin's grandson said bibi was a mediocre soldier at best. so what we have here is the endless tit for tat defensive reaction. there is no deterrence. and it did not exist either with big mouth lieberman

galant is capable of leading a decisive all out war against hamas. bibi is not. h e has no guts for all out war unlike nasrollah and sinwar.
13. this is why bennett was always critical of bibi
rex   (05.04.19)
netanyahu is incapable of loading up and destroying the guts of gaza. he cannot do it. blood is too much for him. as good as he is diplomatically, when rockets fly, he cannot take it. he runs to ceasefires and begs putin and sissi.

he is as bad as gantz when it comes to security.
14. Again the comment the IDF needs a leader who understands how
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.19)
to fight???Israel is not a military state- the government dictates how the IDF react.Hamas and Jihad Islam only understand strength.At the moment Israel is seen as weak- either we react strongly or Bibi can send Sarah out for takeaway from Sushi Rehavia and we can go on with another summer of putting up with this from Gaza or he can grow a pair and actually do something about it.
15. NZ armed police protect 50 Jews
Boaz   (05.04.19)
The whole of mighty IDF don't want to protect Israeli Jews.
Once Aliyah was in fashion. Now Yeridah is en vogue.
16. Whatcha gonna do?
Cameron   (05.04.19)
17. AZA
DANNY TAWIL   (05.05.19)
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