Iron Dome deployed as Gaza rockets fired at Ashdod, Be'er Sheva; 2 hurt
Published: 05.05.19, 00:08
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1. Larry Jacobs: No need to occupy
DSM ,   USA   (05.05.19)
If given the opportunity Arab counties would conquer Israel and slaughter every man woman and child. There would be no occupation of Jews the Arabs would simply occupy the space that was Israel There would be a short world wide outcry and then life would go on. After all it is only Jews and now there will be peace in the middle east.

Israel on the other hand, being a Jewish state, is so afraid of world wide condemnation, that the country is willing to absorb rocket fire so as not to have to retaliate in a meaningful way. What is that way? Destroy all command centers and depot areas, kill Arab leaders in Gaza, stop giving money to the PA, stop the flow of water to Gaza. And when they come to the fences to send burning, flying kites into Israel...kill them. No need to invade and occupy Gaza. Just stop firing rockets into vacant lots killing one person probably mistake. When the leaders and future leaders realize they are going to be quickly killed there will be a stop to incoming rocket fire. No matter what their religion tells them no one wants to die. There will be a world wide clamor against Israel ( the Jews ) but so what. Better than to be wiped out.
2. very sad - what that people is doing.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.05.19)
They envy and hate Israel very much.

They are very angry and envious. Their problem has already become a serious psychiatric problem, long time ago.

I'm sorry that Israel has that people as neighbors. Be strong! You will win!
3. Get the air force in and bomb them into obliteration
Grace ,   Israel   (05.05.19)
"Hamas make good on their threats"? And Israel is happy with that? No, this cannot be how this pans out - just blanket bomb the Strip and be done with them already - they are nothing but a bunch of puppets and thugs without brains.
4. Make Aliyah
Chances to die in Israel are greater than an attack on a synagogue
5. Allowing themselves to be pushed around by wannabe Nazis
ab   (05.05.19)
just after Holocaust Remembrance ,that's Israel
6. m
moishe   (05.05.19)
so why doesn't Israel fire rockets at civilian targets in Gaza?
won't stop still Israel gives back in kind.
7. Gaza frustrated as their entry to Eurovision didn't make it
8. My bet - Gaza leaders in Egypt hiding w/their families
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.05.19)
in 4-star hotels, in safety and luxury - while Palestinians suffering from
our attacks. Of course, there are the rocket launchers - probably Islamic
Jihad soldiers that know how to hide like rats.
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