Israeli man killed in Ashkelon as Gaza militants fire over 450 rockets
Ynet, News Agecnies
Published: 05.05.19, 08:10
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1. Pathetic!
Ardeth Bey ,   US   (05.05.19)
Israel's response adds up to nothing short of pathetic! As usual, this will come to a conclusion with Egypt brokering a 'deal' between terrorists and Israel, permitting the terrorists to become more powerful every day!
I'm not really sure if hundreds or thousands began to die at the hands of these animals what Israel would do other than continue to cave in to the UN & the US.
The usual & sickening "we know what to do" will usher from the lips of Netanyahu as the ability of hamas continues to grow.
The continual hitting of empty buildings is again nothing short of sickening! And others point out, Israel unfortunately are smarting for who they elected!
2. Govt negligence
"mister security' ,   Israel   (05.05.19)
Disgraceful that govt "hits back" leveling empty bldgs; the govt should be leveling cities in Gaza. What normal govt would allow these attacks? All the fools voting for Bibi...this is the response, surgical strikes?
3. And now Mr "security" ,king Bibi????!
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.19)
What happens now? What happened to the ellectiveness of "iron Dome"? What happened to
The "promised"devastating responses?
Sir, PM maybe u should rethink you strategy before yyou become the"Theresa may of Israel"
4. Hebrew media said Agadi went out of safe room 4 a cigarette
I suppose this gives new meaning to the phrase "Smoking Kills" ...
because if Moshe Agadi had held on and waited til later to have the cigarette or had he just smoked it in the safe room he'd be alive today. Can we nominate him for a Darwin?

All that said...condolences to his family.
5. When is the Qatari "protection money" arriving?
Come on P.M. Netanyahu call your friend POTUS Trump and have him give his pretty boychick of a son-in-law the word to go and speak with his Qatari friends so that the money filled suitcases will flow into Gaza and we'll have quiet for another 15 days or so!

Because. word. P.M. Netanyahu we are in the middle of a war of attrition and since you don't have the cojones to deal with the situation at least get the money from Qatar to Gaza so we can have a bit of down time.
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