Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
West Bank settlers before Gaza border residents
Ben Dror Yemini
Published: 05.05.19, 23:26
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expat okie ,   mazkeret batya   (05.06.19)
Exactly what did the voters think would happen when bibi made his inflamatory remark right before the election? He knew he was close to losing power which is all he cares about so he promises annexation. Shame on him for making the situation worse and putting all of us at risk. It's like goading a bear with a stick. Those of you who voted for this power mad man deserve the government you have but the HALF of the country who tried to see reason do not. Shame on that half! Now we are all paying the price for his megalomaniac posturing. May we see an end to this soon before more lives are lost. Amen.
2. Here is a thought - Hamas could disarm first.
yaron ,   Melbourne   (05.06.19)
Israel moved out of Gaza, Hamas took over, PA and Egypt managed the entries. Hamas could have spent 100% of its money on improving the lives of the people of Gaza knowing Israel will not attack them. They can actually do it tomorrow without any issue - they can stop building rockets, tunnels, remove Iranian weapon/war experts, out, etc - Israel is not going to say NO - they could disarm - Nothing is stopping them. Diverting people and other resources to consturction, etc - and after demonstring it - knowing very well Israel will not attack - they could demonstrate that is what they mean and progressively get more access to funds and resources. Do you really trust the Policing of Hamas by the international community ? - how well is it working in other conflict areas ?, There were tunnels in Lebanon under Unifil and Hezbolah is breaking rules all the time... Why is it that Israel has to prove matters rather thant Hamas ? -after all , it started with the Rockets -and it can stop it just as easily. These are Oslo recepies. This is the nonsene that brought Gaza - remeber when everyone applauded and Pres predicted Paris of the middle east ,etc - lets not forget his silly 'the new middle east' - yes, like Syria, Yemen ,etc,etc - Delusional ideas with no thought as to what happens the next day and the day after. Israel is still trying to clean the mess of Oslo - do you not think it is a mess? - how long does that take - it is easy to break , hard to fix.
3. Can I have a job with Ynet
Boaz   (05.06.19)
Getting paid to write nonsense?
Hamas will never agree to disarming. The very purpose of Hamas is the elimination of the jewish state. So what is left to talk? Hamas should be empowered and become a state eventually. As a state they can no longer behave like terrorists, this is a totally different rule of engagement.
Since Gaza has been a great lesson for our mistake of disengagement, there will be no repeat in Judea and Samaria. And whoever believe that repeating the mistake will bring peace, is either an ingnorant or a total fool.
4. Wow! That was one messed up article!
David ,   New york   (05.06.19)
Clearly, Palestinians are shooting rockets at us because we didn’t give them enough of our land.
We must give them more land, and if they shoot rockets at us from there, it because we are at fault and must give them yet more.
This sounds like a recipe for safety and security
5. West Bank Settlers before Gaza border residents
E. B. Krauskopf ,   Berlin   (05.06.19)
No rockets from the West Bank. Thousands of rockets from Gaza. Conclusion: Getting out of the West Bank for the establishment of a second palestinian state (besides Jordan): Thousands of rockets from the West Bank.
Dror Yemini needs to go back to school and study simple math. Apparently he does not understand simple security logic, either: Getting out of Gaza created a JUDENREIN (no-Jews area in the best Nazi tradition)-AREA. This is the main historical reason for thousands of rockets flying to Israel.
It is extremely sad when Jews, even after the Shoah, do not understand the principles of political and military power.
6. Delusional
Gedaliah ,   Eli   (05.06.19)
To chain these two events together only further illustrates the delusional lefts ability to shape 'reality' around their ideologies instead of shaping their ideologies around reality.
The reality is that leaving gaza was the reason rockets are falling. Leaving Southern Lebanon is the reason why Iran is at our door... We know what happens when we Jews give land over to the Arabs to rule over... Their are no go zones for Jews, Hamas and or Iran take over, the people live in fear, both the Arabs under Islamic rule and the Jews who are their targets.
So leave the left wing nonsense to your self. To be public with is like a mental illness.
7. 10 years for Ben Dror to realise Bibi and Hamas are allies!!
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.06.19)
Damn that is slow! But to be fair the residents of the south don't care about themselves, they voted clearly for arming Hamas, getting rockets every few weeks, living in poverty while billions are moved to West bank settlements and Haredim. They wanted more of the same and they are getting more of the same. They should be celebrating ....as the Likud ministers love to remind everybody- the people have spoken ...and the people are enjoying the fruits of their decision.
8. You
Edan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.19)
You are delusional to think there is anything that can justify the Hamas existence.your bias is clear from the beginning, you can't stand the right, and I bet if we were invading Gaza now you would be expressing another reason why we are so bad
9. Just think how much closer
gandolf101@hotmail.c   (05.06.19)
Just think how much closer the rockets could be fired at Israel if it where not for so called settlements .

If you get hit by a rocket who are you going to blame ? Jews ?
10. Terrorists are Netanyahu's allies
Dan   (05.06.19)
Without the terrorists Netanyahu would have no pretext for retaining the West Bank (as if the settlers play any defence role). Without the settlers the terrorists have no pretext for attacking Israel. They are allies: two illegitimate groups conspiring to keep each other in business.
11. not a complete plan.
Observer ,   San Jose, CA   (05.06.19)
After Hamas rule in Gaza is destroyed, who will rule there? ISIS? if u say PA, then you don't know what is going on in the West Bank.
12. BS
larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.06.19)
Hamas is a terror group that care nothing about its citizens. It is totally against Israel, regards us as dihimiis that should not be allowed to govern and that Israel is 'dir el Islam'.

If you were to read the Koran you might understand something, but Ben Dror Yemini is quick on the opinion and short on understanding facts.

Hamas likes to make a cease fire so they can get more terror rockets from Iran and money too. Israel is S T U P I D with capital letters for allowing this and giving them time.

Israel must go in and take out the Hamas leaders by killing them or there will only be short cease fires and further escalations.
13. Wrong: they're ready to sacrifice everyone except Tel Aviv &
14. Surprising
Shaun ,   ta   (05.06.19)
I ususaly agree with most if not all of what Ben Dror Yemini says but not this time. He's joined the anti-Bibi for anti-Bibi's sake bandwagon.
15. This thesis is ABSURD, but it also demonstrates that the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.06.19)
existing terror state of Gaza makes it crystal clear, that Judea and Samaria MUST be annexed and that there MUST NEVER EVER be a second terror state in Israels heartland !!!!!!
NOT ONE SQUARE INCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. Gaza demonstrates that Israel MUST annex Judea & Samaria,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.06.19)
a second terror state in J & S would DESTROY Israel.
That is why the UN and EU promotes such a state.
One terror state is already more than enough, the thesis of Mr. Yemini is of course absurd.
17. another gov basher.
Jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (05.06.19)
nothing wrong with the government. we voted for it, If you think you can do better, then give us your solutions.
18. What a load of nonsense
Sholem ,   Dolev   (05.06.19)
After reading this article one cam only come to the conclusion that the writer is mentally ill and should be hospitalised without delay
19. m
moishe   (05.06.19)
no other country would allow this kind of attack on it's land. what is wrong with Israel govt.? rather that air strikes a thousand Israel rockets should be sent to Gaza to hit anywhere. tit for tat. legal. kosher. you started it. now suffer.
rockets will not end until an appropriate response is set to Gaza.
20. When Gush Katif stood
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.19)
does anybody remember rockets hitting major Israeli cities and millions of people hiding in bomb shelters? Billions upon billions of shekels taken in taxes from our paychecks to defend ourselves from Hamas. This should be the end of an argument. You've got to be an imbecile to believe Ben Dror Yemini.
21. Mutually exclusive? I expect better from this journalist
22. Israel can destroy Hamas and annex Judea and Samaria
Mordechai   (05.07.19)
The left screams Israel must appease Hamas. Most residents of Judea and Samaria support destroying Hamas. Indeed most support destroying Hamas, occupying Gaza and rebuilding Gush Katif. Israel can do all of this and still annex Judea and Samaria.
23. Hamas leaders in Gaza
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.07.19)
Ugly people. They look like a bunch of monkeys in the photo.
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