2 killed as Gaza rockets slam into southern Israel
Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy
Published: 05.05.19, 15:17
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1. There was calm between 1948 and 1967 because
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (05.05.19)
Gaza was Egyptian and the West Bank was Jordanian.The so called Palestinians know perfectly well what would have happened if they had sort independence from Egypt and Jordan and equally during Turkish rule before that,and funnily enough they never spoke of it.
Hiding under the European snowflakes who shout when one Gazan is harmed but I don't hear any noise regarding deaths and injuries on the Israeli side.
Always the Gazans start the mess and when it gets bad use the "poor old people and women and children of Gaza.The people of Gaza appear to love living under appauling conditions and the news would be if in the future the people got a backbone,woke up and threw out these terrorists but of course that will never happen.Like Iraq etc someone else has to go in and do the dirty work for them and even then in the end they will never he satisfied.Much easier to play the victim and live off UN handouts.
2. Just what exactly are we waiting for?! Words, words and more
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.05.19)
words. By the way did we supply these AssH..s again today? After all we are "obligated" to do so ...
3. We should ask Egypt to imprison Gaza leaders -
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.05.19)
If the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders were imprisoned, there just might
be a chance to overcoming the Gaza attack and then control the area for
the betterment of the citizens there.
4. "hit mid-level targets..." is this any way to win a war?
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.05.19)
as for 'no injuries in attacks on weapons caches'- I don't care if there are injuries or deaths to people hiding weapons. These weapons will be used to kill IDF soldiers when they enter Gaza.

As for 'midlevel targets,' who gave that order? What idiot is protecting the likes of Haniyeh and ilk, who should have been killed years ago?

An Israeli, far from the border, is dead. Murdered by a random rocket launched by an evil Islamist government in Gaza.

That should tell everyone exactly what Israel needs to do.

No IDF need enter that sh-t-hole. Let the IAF and artillery do the work.
Every known Hamas and IJ target must be destroyed, along with as many Hamas and IJ soldiers as possible. Hamas's basement HQ under that hospital must be destroyed.

5. The usual lame response.
Eliyahu   (05.05.19)
How can they be so pathetically weak?
6. To all our brave soldiers..all of Israel supports you
Al   (05.05.19)
God speed..
7. Its war..ask Gantz to join the war cabinet ..all hands
Al   (05.05.19)
On deck..

Enough of the political bs..its a war for survival.

Yes it's that serious.

Hamas has very serious capabilities.

Stop the BS..Trump has given you the green light to throttle these savages.

No one will be coming to their rescue nor to yours.

Its you or them.
8. Pathetic IAF "taps" on terrorist hideouts before striking ,
ab   (05.05.19)
it's good it didn't exist during WW2,the war would still be raging on
9. When you play stupid, they think you really are one!!
10. this is what your voted got you
marv   (05.05.19)
bennett and feiglin offered more decisive operations in gaza. instead you voted for bibi who is not an attacking soldier or gantz who was passive during the previous gaza war.

bennett had some plans. feiglin likewise. instead you get katz who says we do not want a war and bibi who says hit them hard. this is not a plan period. how about retaking Philadelphia and rocketing hamas from the rear etc etc.

gantz says restore deterrence. if his past actions are anything to go on, he is the same like bibi-all talk no action.

idf typically is soft until they shake off the rust and get going. since olmert, then bibi and barak, they have not let the idf shake off the rust. worse, they themselves save barak do not understand the battlefield period.and barak hit empty sand dunes, he was next to useless.

even though hamas is losing more assets, the perception is of Jews running and wailing while hamas remains resolute.

bibi should have nothing to do with security.he is a flop at security.

in any case, you rejected bennett so this is what you get.
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