Time to face facts on West Bank and Gaza
Giora Eiland
Published: 11.05.19, 18:23
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1. What nonsense
DSM ,   USA   (05.11.19)
There is no difference between Hamas, the P.A. and Islamist Jihad, despite their internal struggles all are out to destroy the Israel and it doesn't matter one bit who Israel "accepts" as Gaza's ruler. Israel can't make enough concessions to satisfy any of these groups nor those living in Gaza who hate Israel as much as those active in direct terrorism. Israel is usually commended for granting Arabs living in Israel full citizenship rights, however if they grow in number they could be a problem too as, I suggest, many feel closer to the terrorist than to the Jewish state.
2. Gaza can choose to be "ruled" by bloody goats, but these
goats must know they cannot lob rockets into Israel!
What is so hard to understand & convey to the Israeli rulers???!!
3. Meaningful picture
Me   (05.11.19)
Powerful .... all the snake heads together. I close my eyes
I see a drone.... I hear boooom....
4. Won't work!
Marc ,   Montreal   (05.11.19)
The writer is either ignorant or stupid!
Doesn't she know that Hamas will never accept anything less than the complete destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews!
5. gaza terror
simon ,   new york   (05.11.19)
since 1948, the population grew 10 times from 200.000 to 2.000.000

thats more than insane and criminal.. In the ottoman empire the population was about 2500 people.

if they copulate like rats,they only can blame it on themselves, notvto Israel. AND THEY WILL LIVE AS RATS

So there are 2 solutions

6. FYI: I believe the photo in this article showing con-trails
Rafi ,   US   (05.12.19)
in the sky is mislabeled... it is more likely a photo of the IAF flyover on Independence Day... not missiles being fired from Gaza!
7. This Giora is never fails to disappoint in his analysis.
8. Ignorance 2000 best Palestinian economy and intifada
Like children you give them and they want more, they want what they cant have, and they use everything given to them to try to destroy Jews or Israel.
9. Hamas arm of the global domination Muslim brotherhood liar
They are about conquest before nationhood. Why r u lying?
10. "Policy" vs someone that wants you dead?! Are you an idiot?!
11. Mr.
Zeev ,   Raanana   (05.12.19)
Unofficially we all know who is governing Gaza. Unfortunately the author does not provide any explanation of what Israel can do (better) if Hamas is officially recognized as government of the neighbor country.
Today Hamas has a freedom to accept / sign the Oslo accord and in this way get to the point where the West Bank is. That point is not ideal, but there is no war at least. They never tried that and there is no political faction in Gaza that would suggest that. Conclusion: they are not ready (yet?).
12. Opinion:
Tom   (05.12.19)
Opinion: You're a news website, stay unbiased. If I want opinions I go to discussions.
13. Recognising Hamas
Mark ,   London   (05.12.19)
Slight problem.
1. Hamas won the last election, took control of Gaza but failed to capture the WB.
2. I thought it was Hamas that refused to talk to Israel unless and until she was ready to talk about dismantling a Jewish state. The Israeli government just responded to this stance.
3. Recognising Hamas as the legitimate government in Gaza will not find any favour amongst the PLO in Ramllah. Most likely it will empower Hamas to take over in WB promptly. Every chance that Palestinians in WB would favour this outcome.

I'd say managing chaos on the Palestinian side is a pretty good solution.
14. a billiant soldier with very foolish ideas
C   (05.12.19)
throwing money at the israel-arab conflict will never solve it.

hamas is a fanatic islamist organisation.
the charter of hamas is based on the quran and on the tzarist forgery
of the protocols of the elders of zion.
15. Mr
Kolawole Joshua ,   Lagos   (05.12.19)
Somebody somewhere need an urgent psychartrist attention
16. So much nonsense
Avi L.   (05.12.19)
So much nonsense, once more as in the last, what? 5 years?

Israel doesn't recognize Hamas because Hamas is a terror organization that doesn't recognize and wants to destroy Israel

This is the first point

The second point is even older, it started in the '90s when some enlightened pundits thought that a dialogue was possible with Hamas but not with JI because Hamas was involved in civilian activities .. and they "had something to lose etc etc"

So what? even Pablo Escobar was paying for health care and education. It is called building a base, watering a pond in which to swim (Mao), in line with muslim brotherhood policies

Hamas, financially stimulated or not, will not end its jihadist policy, as much as ISIS, the Talebans or Hezballah , as simple as that and you don't need to be a former head of military intelligence to understand it, just listen to them and see how their actions match their words, or ask the Egyptians

There are no "honorable solution" with jihadists, maybe with nationalists like "falastinian" authority

This said about Israel paying jizya (dhimmi racket money) to jihadis, let's consider what will happen when Abbas will die

Abbas is the last of the historical generation, that of that pedophile of arafat, he is the last symbol of the non islamists, he is recognized by "international community" and if somehow Hamas is taken down he can rally all factions.
No "falastinian" state will emerge because, due to his poor state of health he will croak long before any negociation reach any agreement, and this Bibi doesn't want to tell to those who pay his salary

If Abbas dies and Hamas is still standing, the jihadis will take over Judea and Samaria and it will be mortar and missiles fired from Kalkilya with a view to the beach

If Abbas dies after the fall of jihadis in Gaza and subsequent vendetta by nationalists over islamists, what remains will be a a patchwork of gangs and families too busy fighting for their turf to be of any nuisance to Israel, as long as no big boss emerges

The "after Abbas" is what Bibi doesn't want Israelis to know

Bibi blind policy will destroy what's left of anti-islamist party and will bring Judea and Samaria under khomeinists rule

Let's not forget that in relation with jihadist under khomeinist influence Israel and "PA" have the same interests, and that "PA" works with Israel to keep Hamas and JI at bay

So let's forget all this nonsense of "talking with Hamas", let's topple it and let them drown into their own blood drawn by "PA" avenging their own slaughter in 2007, there are enough Gazawis to mop up khomeinists once they are perceived weak

You don't pay extortion racket money to islamists to buy peace
17. Dumb
Htos1   (05.13.19)
Hamas is Iran. That NO other place(like Jordan) will take the palis, says it all. Just open fire, end it all.
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