Hamas' Iran liaison killed in first IDF targeted killing in years
Ynet, News Agencies
Published: 05.05.19, 16:28
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1. Get the armed drones in the air......
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.05.19)
and keep picking off every Hamas big shot until all are toast.

2. To Icomda Icomda
Marc ,   Montreal   (05.05.19)
Jews never sent deadly rockets to kill Germans.
And Jews never believed in 72 Virgins.
Icomda Icomda, you are a typical Islamist liar!
3. WOW, how "daring"! Again I must bury my head in shame....
4. Not a pleasant person.
Jochair Thijssen ,   kfar saba Israel   (05.06.19)
Nobody misses him, nobody needs him.
better he is gone.
5. m
moishe   (05.06.19)
Gaza needs more destruction.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.06.19)
The PALIS fall for empty promises of a country that they can’t even manage. The mullahs can’t manage Iran with billions in resources and wealth, but they promise empty paradise to bunch of idiots around the world, The real Iranians don’t buy their BS jihad biz anymore.
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