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Cohen's prison reality: 'The Situation' and Shabbat services
Associated Press
Published: 05.05.19, 23:24
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1. Comfy prison for the rich white-collar criminals
Dirty holes for the poor. Some things never change. If you embezzle millions of dollars, you get an easier term than if you steal 50 dollars to feed your starving children.
2. No wonder Jenny Grossingers had no chance in the Catskills
Alan ,   SA   (05.06.19)
3. No kosher food in prison. None. Let him eat ham.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.06.19)
Suddenly this smarmy ex-lawyer has found religion? Not a chance. His only regret is that he got caught.

Once you're in prison, you become a number, as it should be. You eat whatever the prison kitchen puts on your plate. Don't like it? Go hungry.

Kosher and halal food is big gimmick the prisoners use to get special treatment. This should never be allowed.

No kosher food. No halal food. I get a kick out of these prisoners - the Torah and Quran weren't adhered to before they were in prison, so why all the attention to it now??

Muslim terrorists who killed people demanding halal food? Not a chance. Any prison authorities granting such breaks to convicted felons are idiots.

And please, no stories from Rabbis about how the inmates 'found G-d'- we simply don't care.

Cohen deserves to be in the general population and eating the same institutional food that everyone else gets.

Shabbat services? he can pray in his bed before he goes to sleep.

4. Obvious why he’s going to such a kushy prison
David ,   New york   (05.07.19)
He went on a tirade against president trump.
Because it gets him special treatment.
We need to investigate who authorized giving this favor to him
5. this article seems to be 90% sensationalist BS...
Rafi ,   US   (05.10.19)
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