Fourth Israeli dies of wounds inflicted in Gaza rocket strike
Yoav Zitun, Adir Yanko, Amir Alon, Roi Rubinstein
Published: 05.05.19, 21:06
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1. Iron Kippah a failure, a con job, a pacifier, a fake weapon
2. Fire them, blast everything standing in Gaza
Jude ,   Lagos   (05.06.19)
Israel is too soft on Gaza terrorist, why knocking on the roof before dedestroying an empty building, this are encouraging the terrorist to fire more rockets. No mercy fire them stupor. Iran is using the terrorist in Gaza to test the strength of IDF. Israel beware, be warned
3. despite all this...
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.05.19)
despite all this, the price of the apartments never decreases, only increases, skyrockets.

That's why I'm not coming back: afraid to not find a job, and spend all my little money as happened before.

I would ask the owner of the apartment in the pictures if he wants to sell, and by how much. Just curiosity.
4. Interesting - Gaza terrorists shooting rockets at Israel -
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.05.19)
don't use the "knocks on roof policy" to make sure civilians get out of
building. Ha - they are rather gleeful to catch civilians with their rockets
and cause as much harm as possible - and then complain that Israel
is the aggressor.
5. Seriously, what are the options?
6. 600 rockets? Return 600 artillery shells, just as randomly.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.05.19)
7. Let loose the artillery. 600 rockets earn 600 155 mm shells.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.05.19)
and just like Hamas, fire them randomly. Gazans support Hamas, they are equally responsible.

And Haniyeh's expiration date has arrived. Let's get the armed drones working together to find him and kill him. Israelis are dead because of him. He has no right to live.
8. Arab terror. With aid and support from American Democratic
Choice ,   Del Rey   (05.06.19)

Nice work Pelosi.
9. If terrorists still firing Israel's response is too weak.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.05.19)
That should be pretty clear. Destroying terrorist infrastructure may not be enough when there is so much of it. Israel needs to test whether killing fighters and leaders does a better job. It is more focused on fighting an ethical war than protecting the lives of its citizens,
10. Tepid Response
LRB ,   LA   (05.05.19)
The Israeli response is nonsensical. This is war and nothing less than war. Let the IAF go in and hit something besides empty buildings. Bibi is handing Hamas a military victory. Hasn't Israel some cheap rockets they can lob at Gaza. Instead the Israelis are providing fuel for the poor little things in Gaza as to not stress them as Jews die. This is NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. Constant warnings and swearings,IDF has it all in speech
ab   (05.05.19)
12. Without any shame our apparatchiks admit to Tel Aviv being
more important than any other city/citizens in this supposedly sovereign state.
What a disgrace!
This is Bibi, this is the best we can do....
13. Gaza knows Chckenyahu, better than us, hapless Israelis!
14. As long as they don't touch Eurovision &TA: you can all die!
15. Philipinnes used Pigs
Moishe   (05.05.19)
Ph. put dead Muslim Terrorists in Pigskins and Blood.Muslims fear it more than the dead.The Terrorist attacks stopped.
16. IDF
korede ,   lagos   (05.05.19)
God Protects His People!!!
17. Eye for and Eye
Izkat ,   London   (05.05.19)
Time to wipe Gaza of the face of the planet, destroy and drive the rats into the sea, then turn attentions towards west bank for mass deportations into Jordan.
18. Qatar pls send $$$ via Western Union transfer...
Airplanes and money filled suitcases take 2 long!
19. Hamas IJ legitimate targets
Avi L.   (05.05.19)
Hamas IJ leaders are legitimate targets according to any laws, internationals and of war

Bibi bought "silence" to boost his elections

End this situation and turn Gaza into a "falastinian authority" gangland run by the "falastinian" families under Abbas, over watched by Egypt and Israel, where PA thugs will hunt down islamists, all with saudi cash

Hamas and IJ answer to the khomeinists, all the middle east loath them and nobody will move a finger to stop the toppling of khomeinists in Gaza

Bibi heavily contributed to create this situation during his reign over Israel

In 2006 khomeinists shot an average of 100 missiles per day ... now it is 600

How many will be shot in the next Lebanon war?

Khomeinists in Gaza have to be toppled and let "PA" mop up the "middle eastern way", it will serve as an example for the shias in Syria and Lebanon

Bibi is not good for the Jews
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