Victim of Gaza rocket fire laid to rest
Ittai Shickman, Amir Alon
Published: 05.05.19, 23:19
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1. this is not the way to fight a war
jeff   (05.06.19)
we know netanyahu from his various Gaza encounters. simply put, he lacks guts and is afraid of being shot. so he projects his fears onto Israelis. of course Israel is damaging Hamas more than vice versa. the perception however is of Israelis running for their lives screaming while gaza civilians who support the regime have immunity.

why does the idf not rocket targets using land rockets to equalize terror.

lieberman has tried to to do this but it is slow going. the idf resists doing it. so the pm has to give go ahead. why only air force jets. why not naval,land rockets etc.

why doesn't the idf make inroads from behind hamas, on the shores of the sea, and the backside to put hamas off balance. then you can have fire blitzing hamas from 3 directions instead of just one.

netanyahu knows next to nothing about how to attack on the battlefield, next to nothing. all he does is schedule meetings, and says give them a hard blow which erdan and katz support. this is not a plan. how dumb can one be?? as brilliant as bibi is politically, he is a flop on security.

you Israelis did not vote for bennett en mass. he had some plans and some guts. bibi is like olmert, he doesn't know what to do and by the way gantz is the same way if you look at his record.

well you Israelis did not vote for Bennett. now you are paying the price. good luck.
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