Netanyahu under fire as rivals brand Gaza truce deal a capitulation
Yuval Karni
Published: 06.05.19, 10:48
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1. shame
Charles   (05.06.19)
blue & white/labor supported israel's withdrawal from gaza in 2005.

they dare talk.

two faces........ shame on the left!
2. the value of life
David Miltier ,   Kibbutz Gat   (05.06.19)
It seems that for Bibi Jewish lives don't matter either, For Netanyahu the only consideration is staying in office and out of jail. Pitiful!
3. Bibi can take only so much fighting before getting headache.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.06.19)
Then he needs a truce and can't finish the job.
4. Schmendrik Netanyahu continues dismantling of Israel
ab   (05.06.19)
Robert ,   Israel   (05.06.19)
And you did it again Mr. Netanyahu. The same as you did on the past confrontations with Hamas, you slipped again on the same banana peel. Now Hamas feels stronger and has time again to increment its weaponry, and even to make it more accurate. WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN?. Would you have acted the same way if Hamas had hit Tel Aviv and/or Ben Gurion airport?.
6. you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone
ron   (05.06.19)
bibi's methods are well known when it comes to war. we have seen it time and again/

the bottom line is he is scared of war, will do anything to avoid it. the enemy knows it as they did with olmert before.

gantz is no better than bibi so his critiques of bibi do not hold water.

you had your chance with bennett. so now you are doomed with bibi at defense.
7. if you just ran out of bullets you're not
common.sense ,   texas   (05.06.19)
If somebody runs out of bullets are not really seeking any kind of peace or truce are they I got the feeling they just ran out of rockets. It'll just be a truce until they restock or reload reload
8. I don't understand
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.19)
If reaching a "truce" was so easy,why playing into their hands for a start ??Throwing the South,again,into a tsunami,getting 4 wretched innocent people killed,for no results,until next time...
10 years M.Security is in charge -and nothing has changed
9. As an outsider looking in....
Haginout ,   Laguna   (05.06.19)
It seems a vicious circle. Hamas, and company, lob missiles into Israel for a bit. When Israel returns the favor, everyone screams about aggression and the need for a ceasefire.
Israel agrees to a ceasefire, and waits for the next time the missiles fly. An end to this needs to be found.
Sadly, the folks in Gaza have made an industry of skirmishes and being portrayed as victims...
10. Farce
Mike ,   Sydney   (05.07.19)
Cease fire is only in place till song contest is done. Would be too much focus on Israel at that point and the world may have a wake up to what is really happening. Smoke and mirrors
11. FB Steve McNeil is obviously a living descendant of
primitive Neanderthal tribes who bred with wild swine and settled in what is now known as ...Scotland.
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