Netanyahu: Gaza campaign not over, preparing for more fighting
Itamar Eichner and Yoav Zitun
Published: 06.05.19, 12:48
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.06.19)
The people they rule over will always be in poverty and in need of protection. The idiots start a war and act as if they are protecting the public. Once they realize that they really can’t get anywhere, then they back away for a short period of time. Then start another dumb one soon after since they need money to start a new one. Israel is not going to stop her progress. Yes, a few people lost their lives, but Israel will move forward.
2. Gaza fired over 600 rockets.I thought there was a blockade.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.06.19)
What would happen without a blockade? Israel would have to be mighty dumb to lift the blockade. Gaza uses all its money for weapons to kill Jews and then cries poverty.
3. Arabs made no offense, we did that shit on purpose.
NYNY   (05.06.19)
Israel launched harmless rockets upon itself, we did that shit on purpose.
4. Chelmer Choohem Netanyahu & his gibberish,while Hamas laugs
ab   (05.06.19)
5. coawardice
beryl   (05.06.19)
Bennett railed against bibi time and again for his inability to launch an all out war in gaza. so we see what he is talking about. this will not change.

while sinwar shows stamina and toughness, bibi shows capitulation and cowardice. he covers this by convening meetings with idf officials and talks about useless terms-level headedness and being prepared/

Israel cannot advance with a coward on top of the govt. and you Israelis keep electing cowards whether olmert, and now bibi. it is impermissible with the holocaust history that Israelis would be punching bags.

the idf needs to do much better to toughen up soldiers and weed out the pacifists.

Israel will lose wars against hezbollah with bibi at the helm. he is incompetent at defense.
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