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In Tel Aviv, Eurovision songfest braces for pro-Palestinian boycott protests
Published: 06.05.19, 14:49
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1. BDS
umish ,   ft laud   (05.06.19)
Why isn't Mossad taking out the leadership of the BDS movement?
2. BDS against Europe.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.06.19)
In their hate for Israel these misguided losers are harming Europe and music lovers but certainly not Israel which is only a host country, while not helping one 'palestinian' with their stupid actions. usual they will fail.

BDSers, happy with every bone calling it victory while the winner Israel takes it all.
3. The *new Israel fund", NIF, and the BDS movement
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (05.06.19)
The NIF is a supporter of the BDS movement. It is a direct and indirect support. Financially, logistically and "morally", though the NIF has no moral.

The NIF is the mother of all Israeli and "Jewish" NGO's, supporting the Falastinian cause, while defaming and daemonizing Israel.

Stop the NIF and BDS will lose ist current global success. Israelis and Jews, outlaw members and supporters of the NIF. Financially, socially and academically. The NIF knows very well, how such a boycott works. They have the experience with Israel.

4. היורויזיון
יחיאלה ,   פריס   (05.08.19)
נמאס מכל האנשים שמחרימים שילכו לעבוד
5. Just shut the @#$ up and sing.
6. THE SHOW MUST GO ON - from The Wall
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (05.15.19)
BY PINK FLOYD one of promoters of BDS actually facilitated the non-sense and the irrelevance of BDS movement which is plunder is denied and forbidden by law. the last spasm from Arab promoters is in long run is dissolved in their own venom.
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