Israelis living near Gaza border angry about ceasefire
Reuters, Ynet reporters
Published: 06.05.19, 18:09
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1. I have an idea
Tc   (05.06.19)
What if Netanyahu sold his house from Caesarea and go living in Netivot.

Do you think it would change something about the security policy?
2. Independence Day+Eurovision are just excuses
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.06.19)
What's more important security or parties? It's already a long time that Bibi and the generals don't want to fight. They accept a truce as quickly as possible. This is no way to run a country. It seems that Bibi and the generals just want to look important and not do their jobs,
3. Suck it up y'all voted King Bibi u got him in spades
oleg ,   florida   (05.07.19)
5. North Tel Aviv liberals
Ralph   (05.06.19)
They sold you out. The trendy left wing Israelis just need to call for more restraint. Let's face it - their kids don't go to bomb shelters
Enjoy your cafe.
6. That is what you get
Oliver ,   Eilat   (05.07.19)
That is what you get if you ,you voted for Bibi so you got his normal spinless response
7. This is where they have chosen to live, so enjoy!
thewall   (05.08.19)
People who have chosen to live next to Gaza received a lot of help and also million promises from the government of liars and thieves. To say that they were stupid to believe the mof of the government, is a huge understatement.
They were idiots and fools. And it is true for today as it was true 40 years ago.
Nobody is sorry for them. To be so extremely foolish to believe the government of criminals..?!!! It is not only unbelievable, it is so AMAZING!!!
Listen UP: no government, anywhere, will ever even try to protect you, because they will ALWAYS, I repeat A-L-W-A-Y-S will look for fools, to use them and abuse them. Every government, especially in the western culture = criminals.
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