The invisible trauma victims of the Gaza conflict
Merav Betito
Published: 10.05.19, 09:01
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1. Like....DUH!? But so what; nobody(it seems) cares.
2. When the Israelites
cheered at seeing the Egyptians drowning in the red sea, they were admonished not to celebrate another's suffering. At the Seder we remove a drop of wine, so we do not have a full cup, when naming the plagues.

There were 28 deaths in Gaza, some children. The lives of the people in Gazs is horrific, and the disproportionate suffering on their side, many losing limbs simply for protesting, the number of deaths by comparison, is overwhelming.

There needs to be a resolution to the crisis there, along with an end to the occupation in West Bank.

So, yes, of course, help the Israelis in Sderot. But do not turn a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the brutal occupation in West Bank.

The land had a people.
3. Bibi failed to mow the grass so no respite for both sides.
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.10.19)
4. Always playing defense...
Sifter ,   USA   (05.10.19)
Until the Israeli government decides to make sure Gazans are the ones with anxiety, anger and other issues, this thing will never end. Misguided piety is ruining the IDF and sacrificing Jewish lives needlessly. Protests require a police action, but rocket violence requires a Hama action. Since no one has the stomach for that, the Chorban will continue.
5. Only victim was the truth since there were zero rockets....
launched by Arabs.
6. Make this a national issue...
LdA   (05.10.19)
I'd really appreciate to see some organizations fighting to make this a national issue - the mental health of all of Israel, especially those in the areas near Gaza and the North where missiles are unfortunately a very real issue. The mental health of our children, soldiers, parents... it's endless. AND THEN I want to see the world wonder how to stop the indoctrination and brainwashing of CHILDREN in Gaza and PA, innocents who grow up quickly with hate and violence. And for what? To destroy the whole world?
7. YNET/Left Post Zionist “ Fear” tactic to demoralize Israelis
WhineNet ,   Jerusalem   (05.10.19)
Fear fear and more fear the constant diet of defeatism of YNET and the Israeli Leftist media hoping to bring the nation to its fest through constant fear tactics ...people of all periods of history who suffer through wars lead normal lives as life heals ... stop your defeatism YNET
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