At Memorial Day event, Netanyahu pledges to bring missing soldiers home
Published: 07.05.19, 16:54
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1. King Bibi the Weak jumps when Hamas demands a ceasefire,
immediatly opens the Kerem Shalom border crossing allowing goods to flow into gaza from Israel, and allows hundreds of millions of Qatari terrorist support dollars to flow into the pockets of the islamic gaza criminal day after 4 Israelis were killed and hundreds more injured in rocket attacks. Hopefully tbe day after your beloved Eurovision, Southern residents will finally find the peace that YOU, King Bibi the Weak have been promising but not delivering, because gaza will only be a smoking crater in the ground.
2. Just another Netanyahu pledge...
rom ,   israel   (05.08.19)
I have lost count of all his vows, pledges and promises - on just about all of which he has reneged.
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