Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Joint Memorial Day event a deception
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 07.05.19, 22:53
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1. It's blatant waste of time, to engage in any reasoning with
the Jewish participants of these events.
Those folks are "out there", where brain functions long have stopped doing theri job.
Good to see, that even Yemini has still some of those left, to arrive at this obvious conclusion.
2. You were wrong before and You are wrong again.
yaron ,   Melbourne   (05.08.19)
It is nice that you admit of a previous mistake - many people seem to have difficulties in this area. But you are mistaken re two state solutions. By all measures, the Palestinians do not want peaceful co-existence - check the statement in Arabic, check the river to the sea scarfs, check the education system, etc, etc-[and let's not forget the elephant in the room - Islam - which is a fundamental problem, however, even if you were to disagree there are at least 30% who hold very exterme views. ] - So taking the rose coloured glasses of Peres with his New Middle East (i.e. Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc) or the Paris of the Middle East (Gaza) - lets see what will happen in the Palestianian state - well Abbas will annoite 500,000+ Iranina Militias, Variety of Terrorists, etc,etc to be 'Palestianian Refugees' and welcome them with open arms - and with arms - to the Palestianian state - I am curious how will that go down in Israel - what can you do - can you tell them , as a state, not to take in whoever they wish - will you check if the ISIS terrrorits are genunine Palestinians decendents ? - what exactly do you suggest if it was 500,000 to 1,000,000 armed Terrorists ? Maybe a state is not the best solution - it was actually not in the Oslo agreement as stupid as that agreement was - last time it let only a few thousands with weapons - they are still there, there are still a problem - what would you do with masses and not a few ?
3. Wow you write amazing!
4. "Joint Memorial Day" is an absurd delusion
C   (05.08.19)
what is the reason behind the joint memorial of israel's fallen with their
murderers, the arab palestinians?

the arab palestinians want to destroy the sole jewish state. they have said
so openly, many times.

the umma, the islamic society, has already destroyed jewish communities
in all their territories. yemen, which had the oldest jewish diaspora
community, has no jews left.
old christian communities have also been destroyed throughout the
middle east within the past decades. the christian world has remained
silent. worst still, the christian world supports its tormentors.

under present circumstances, the western world and its liberal
values will disappear.
there is a delusion which states that islam must be protected against
western colonialism. yet it is supremacist, war loving islam, which
has been conquering and colonialising entire continents. it is
islam that is carrying out virulent terror attacks against innocent
5. Why didn't you write this editorial 6 months ago?
IsaacStorm   (05.08.19)
Of course it was a deception, but shouldn't you have figured out that Combatants for Peace were being deceptive when they compared the killers to victims? If you were trying to right a wrong, shouldn't you have written this editorial six months ago? Now it is too late.
6. Fact check - C for Peace doesn't support right of return
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.08.19)

"Our mission | main goals

In keeping with our values, we work towards a two state solution in the 1967 borders, or any other mutually agreed upon solution that will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to live in freedom,security, democracy and dignity in their homeland."
You only have to check their website to get the basic information - Ben Dror can do better than that.
7. meet + grow on both side
tamara   (05.09.19)
Israeli and palestinian families meet and Both have been deeply hurt and have lost a loved one. Bereaved parents take their message to the next level and across all levels of influence on both sides. Why fear palestinians who are part of a Jewish movement in the west bank to stop fighting? That defends Israel? Isn't this what Israel wants? to stop the bloodshed- It takes a Parent Movement to move out and efface corrupt politics on both sides. What if Palestinians told Israel they wanted to be part of Israel by majority vote, and have Israel as their sovereignty. To have Israel govern, penalize & punish direct groups of hamas leadership, to incarcerate them. Why would a Jewish heart fear? No one is going anywhere. There are more Jews in the West bank and growing. If there is a take over of the West Bank, it means taking over the palestinians youth, and giving them opportunities so they don't fight and yes be part of a planned parenthood and economic opportunities. It means having the IDF not just there for mere battle but without any idealism,be able to for once, do community service- it will happen, time; growth; the want for peace and not take over,; acceptance of coexistence, a new life in Israel leadership. remember there are arabs Israeli citizens, there are Druze, there are Lebanon Christians, and they are all a minority...
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