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Pittsburgh Jewish community seeks public grants for security
Associated Press
Published: 08.05.19, 10:33
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1. Pittsburgh Jewish community seeks public grants for security
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (05.08.19)
I strongly suggest that the Pittsburgh community do not ask for any contributions for their security from the state as it will only be thrown back in your face with the usual nasty antisemitic comments from the general population.
You have many extremely wealthy individuals who would be only to happy to bolster what each Jewish community puts to their own security as we have had to do for decades in the UK and we most definitely do not rely upon Westminster MPs for grants.
2. Jews whine, while holding Millions behind Barbed wire
3. Tree of Life Schul on Squirrel Hill.
No evidence a single person died.
4. Jews Always Looking For Free Handouts
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.11.19)
Most of the money handed out for security purposes in the USA already goes to Jewish organizations. This has been the standard since the program began after 91. That's why American Jewish billionaires don't donate. They know the American taxpayer will have to.
5. say them to make alyah
and live in the only Jewish country in the world, where they will be safe and loved by everyone.

Dear brothers and sisters: Israel is waiting for you.
6. every anti-Semite is an idiot.
the schnorrers will take advantage and ask for money. As usual.
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