Islamic Jihad says war with Israel coming this summer
Elior Levy
Published: 08.05.19, 11:08
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1. So they figured out the time they need to dig their graves?
I guess that we could be of assistance with that...
2. There you have it: IJ declares war on Israel.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.08.19)
Now why would IJ 'anticipate' a war with Israel, unless they were planning something that would demand an Israeli response?

Israel wants nothing more from Gaza than to be left alone.

I can make this promise to IJ and Hamas: if you do something that requires a response from Israel, it will be more than you ever bargained for. Your arrogance will not be a satisfactory answer to the hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents without power, water, and sanitation.

But you Islamopaths aren't very smart, so go and do your jihadist worst. Whatever you do to Israel will be visited upon you a hundred-fold.

You think you're the only ones with anti-tank rockets that can be aimed at civilian cars on a public road? Every IJ and Hamas person-of-interest should be looking over their shoulder, out their windows, and up in the sky every minute- for death is surely coming for you.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.08.19)
Mullahs are picking up the tab this time. These guys just get rich on the blood of their own that gets sacrificed so a few can live happily ever after in Europe. The sooner we finish the mullahs, the easier it will be for everyone to live in peace around the world. The mullahs in Iran are very lonely now. The public has turned on them, and hopefully soon, they will be eradicated.
4. If Bibi+generals have to fight they will crush Hamas+IJihad
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.08.19)
Without constant truces the terrorists will be crushed.
5. Hurry,Israel,jump,send more money and goodies to Gaza,that's
ab   (05.08.19)
the only thing Israelis can
6. What Israel will do if attacked by Hamas?
Paul Kouchner ,   Paris   (05.08.19)
700 rockets last week in comparison to tens of thousands of rockets coming in the summer.
A lot of wasted time to find a solution, now the solution is far and death is knocking.
Your anti rocket system will not be sufficient facing the thousands of rockets coming in the same time.
7. More misery for the average Gazan family
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.19)
See what you did by voting for terrorists?
8. Islamic Jihad
C   (05.08.19)
these monsters want to die. allah will answer their prayers.
9. It time to take the trash out of Gaza.
Maximus ,   Malibu   (05.09.19)
Well if they ask so nice Israel should oblige.
I just hope that Israel doesn't stop until Hamas and the other groups completely surrender and disarmed, then let the PA take over and help them with huge economic
Pkg, I m sure the Muslim world and Europe will be all happy to pay.
Short of this it is just setting the clock to zero and counting the days before it starts again.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.09.19)
Misery is what the deserve before they blow up on their way to their Hollywood heaven. How can they keep following this ideology while they know their leaders are laughing all the way to the bank at them. Where is Arafat’s family? Let me guess, spending the money in Paris and around the world.
11. The one true God is on Israel's side.
JK   (05.09.19)
In a way I feel sorry for these jihadist. Living with that much hate in their hearts must be miserable. They will lose without a doubt. Israel has the one true God
on their side.
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