Israel celebrates 71 years of independence
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 08.05.19, 23:40
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1. Why is it so difficult to mention the Torah?!?
I am so surprised by Yuki Edelstein’s comment that what makes us different is that “we brought hope for freedom to the world”!
Why did not he mention that we are ambassadors of Torah?!? This is what really makes us the nation!
2. Why are they referred to as "kidnapped?"
Esser Agaroth ,   Greater Tel Aviv   (05.09.19)
These boys were not just kidnapped. They were murdered.
3. Israel forever owes it existence to Russia's Victory in WWII
smokeonwater   (05.10.19)
Shame that in 71 years Israel has never acknowledged its founding and existence to the terrible sacrifices people of Soviet Union suffered during WWII.
Seems that majority of Israelis don't even understand that. They don't understand that if Russian Army wouldn't have achieved this brilliant victory over Germany, not only Israel wouldn't exist today, but all world's jews wouldn't exist today. And by the way, if somebody wants to mention .."what about US ?"...US has nothing absolutely nothing to do with WWII. In fact, hundreds of American companies were working with Germany before WWII and during WWII. ALL of them contributed to the building of German war machine. It was US plan to designs the war, to design the attack on Soviet Union, to annihilate jews of Europe. One of the many facts pertaining to the role of US as a secret ally to Hitler: DuPont was collaborating with German chemical company Bayer before the war and during the war. And so were hundreds others. This is real America.
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