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This is Israel- a year in pictures
Published: 09.05.19, 08:58
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1. On this day
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.09.19)
One cannot fail to be impressed by what Israel has acheived ...warts and all and despite the challenges and with a vibrant econonomy that was created from nothing seventy years ago

A model that could so easily be applied to build a new successful and prosperous unified and contiguous Palestinian State alongside Israel

As Palestinian experts have shown, on the back of the international goodwill we could acheive more in building a new Palestinian State in an expanded Gaza in TEN YEARS than the SEVENTY YEARS of needless conflict that has acheived absolutely NOTHING
2. All the wonderful photos only....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.10.19)
shows that Gaza is a failed state that has no development plans to advance into the future. A shameless state that only seeks to impoverish it's own people so that the Palestinians can depend more on handouts of the nonsensical passion of the worĺd community to feed the professional beggars of this world. The Palestinians will always play with shit to get humanitarian free while promoting their land rights of Israel so that they can continue to finance their maniacal urge to destroy a developed Israel.
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