Israel marks 71st birthday with barbecues, air force shows
Published: 09.05.19, 20:35
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.10.19)
While your enemies are stuck in deserts looking for evil ways to harm you everyday; you thrive and grow stronger each second. You are not perfect, but you are well on your way to higher level of achievements. Stay strong, and keep moving forward.
2. Do Israelis realise that same day was a more important day??
thewall   (05.10.19)
It is A Big Shame that all 71 years Israel never acknowledged that its founding in 1948 and its existence, Israel owes Russia, the heroic Victory of Soviet Army over Nazi Germany. Soviet Union has sacrificed over 20 million people to save the world from German nazism and fascism, from endless massacres and horrors, from turning half of Europe into human death camps.
Most Israelis don't even realise that, but follow the ugly lies produced by US which continue to falsify the fact that the sole Victor was Soviet Union.
Fortunately the history is not erasable, and as the time goes by, Israelis will keep learning the facts of why and how their state exists today.
3. <hundreds of thousands were uprooted when....
solomon ,   New York   (05.10.19)
multiple Arab armies..>.
No! They left at the behest of the arab goverments to get out of the way!
4. Rachel Frankel and Tamar Ettinger are the same person.
You will never see them together, because they are the same person in the war of propaganda.
5. This special day tells a story...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (05.10.19)
where most of the world's countries tried to break the will of Israel to exist for decades without realizing that the fire of survival within Israel burned brighter than the fire of hostile neighboring countries in the midst of Israel. It is also to be noted that only with U.S. assistance that Israel was able to burn the fire of victory ever more blazing. .. to a hard earned 71st Independence Day. Congratulations!
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