Palestinian killed at Israel-Gaza border protest after truce
Published: 10.05.19, 22:46
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1. AP= Arab Propaganda
2. rocket pressire
barry   (05.10.19)
gazans-jihad and hamas apply rocket pressure and what do they see-expanded fishing zone, no restriction on balloon arson of farmer fields, food and fuel and who knows what else.

and worse they see open admission from shteinitz that he is afraid to fight, backed up by netanyahu and even the idf.

begin would have insisted, no fire of any kind.

true, there is no solution at the present time as Israel does not want the gaza strip. each and every time, hamas comes out stronger.feiglin is correct. utlimalety, israel will have to remove the gaza strip.

so what is the soution? israel needs another ariel sharon. The current generals leading the nation do not have it. and netanyahu does not have it. rabin's grandson in my opinion correctly described him as a mediocre soldier. that is what he is- a mediocre soldier..
this is what drove Bennett crazy. to sit with a mediocre soldier leading the nation. with out a damn clue on what to do!!!!!!!!
3. Pal offals not appeased by mindless israeli concessions
ab   (05.11.19)
4. A failure of civilization
David ,   New york   (05.12.19)
For thousands of years mankind has made progress
We don’t live in caves
We don’t eat other people
We live by laws and morals

Some people unfortunately are seeking to go the other way.
I have not the slightest bit of sympathy for them
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