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US moving Patriot missile battery to Mideast to counter Iran
Associated Press
Published: 11.05.19, 09:32
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1. Posturing vs real threat will get you only so far......
2. The scaremonger Cherry girl on FB: My accurate prediction
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.11.19)
Missiles rain on Tehran
Bolton takes the oil from Iran
Ayatoollah regime collapses

Bolton returns the oil to the good people of Iran

New Persian regime is a nuclear power and creates alliance with nuclear superpower Israel

Arab League is in panick

3. always be prepared against lethal enemies
C   (05.11.19)
the shia terror regime of iran will do all in its power to annihilate the sole sovereing jewish state and her allies.
the shia terror regime is willing to murder, rape, starve all muslim children
in its attempt to destroy sovereign israel.
the shia terror state has no morality, no ethics, no heart.

this vile regime is a genocidal regime, without conscience, without empathy.

iran has no legitimate issue with the jewish state. iran's sole motivation
is theological. the mullhas are convinced that the land of israel belongs
to the shia regime by virtue of imperial conquest; this imperial
conquest turned eretz israel into a muslim territory.
all that musmlims conquer belong to them for eternity,
islam does not accept western norms of international law. islamist
say so themselves.
the theocratic nature of genocidal iran wll never allow a jewish sovereing
to exist on land in the middle east that was once conquered by muslims.
that is the very nature of islamism.
this imperial religion is absolutely convinced of its own supremacy and
of its right to rule over other peoples who were once conquered.
there is no way to compromise with these people. they must be vanquished.
the europeans do not understand this, the american jews do not
understand this, but trump, bolton and pompeo understand this.
5. Patriot missile system does not work....
NYC   (05.13.19)
nor has it ever worked.
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