Time to end the Falash Mura charade
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 13.05.19, 19:37
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1. Easy to figure out.
DSM ,   USA   (05.13.19)
Follow the money and power trail.
2. No hope, all is lost since Rabbis believe Jesus existed.
NYC   (05.13.19)
3. There is no connection
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.19)
These Ethiopians have zero DNA connection to the Jewish people and zero spiritual connection because they are Christians. Of course they want to come here for economic reasons. This is also true for non-Jewish immigration coming from the Eastern Europe and other poor countries. Last Year more than 50% of olim were Gentiles. The Law of Return must be changed to preserve Jewish identity of Israel.
4. Just like charities
Mister ,   Israel   (05.14.19)
Just like the charity frauds claiming millions of Israelis are hungry. All lies. These charities exist to get donation money and pay high salaries, bonuses, flights for tickets, hotels, etc. All a scam.
5. Author makes good points, but...
Marc ,   San Francisco   (05.16.19)
I personally know the author of the article. He is a good person, but he sees discrimination where it doesn’t exist. It does exist, but not to the extent he claims. Playing victim is very dangerous for the mental discipline that a person needs to succeed. The Israeli govt doesn’t care to “rule” the Ethiopians in Israel. The Falash Mura as stated are not accepted by the Ethiopian Jews. There is no easy answer to this problem.
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