Netanyahu announces spot chosen for community named after Trump
Ahiya Raved
Published: 12.05.19, 17:52
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1. Stalin supplied weapons to Israel
Maximilian Teusch ,   Seldwyla   (05.12.19)
when the USA, France and England refused to supply. Therefore, Stalin contributed at least as much as Trump. I suggest a city name such as: Stalingrad, or Kiriat Stalin or Komsomolville. And, why not a special city for refugees from Israeli justice, where they receive shelter, food and cigars? A suitable name is: Kfar Nitay
2. @ least ask the people living in the town what they think!
Rafi ,   US   (05.13.19)
3. the real estate bull has already started in Trumpilya.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.13.19)
Expensive houses and apartments, no one can buy. More expensive than London, NY or Paris, but no jobs there in Trumpilyah.

People trying to rent you a room for 500 US$/week. There are plenty of suckers willing to pay. The arrogant nasty baalim refuse tenants - they say: there are a lot of people interested at my room... it's worth more than 500K... see, it's Trumpilyah!

I've seen this movie more than once.
אחד אוכל שני
4. Can you take Trump in, We don't need him.
maybe he'll recognize Israel and BiBi can change his name to Trumpi.
5. Can Israel adopt Trump. You can have him.
6. Very bad idea
Tova   (05.13.19)
Trump - thank -you for declaring Jerusalem capital of Israel and moving your embassy to Jerusalem and declaring Golan Heights to Israel.

But enough is enough. Israel should have Israeli names for her communities.
Trump will not be president for ever and Trump is not the saviour of Israel.

I am a Trump supporter. and hope his win the next election. Netanyahu
Israel is not for sale.
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