Jewish terror defendant strikes plea deal in 2015 murder of Palestinian family
Roi Rubinstein
Published: 12.05.19, 20:36
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1. Poor Grandson Of Holocaust Suvivors
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.12.19)
Obviously suffering from persecution. Release this innocent Jewish boy.
2. Is this a joke?
Tc   (05.13.19)
Not even five years for a murderer?
And the way his lawyer is turning the table on shabak is simply disturbing.
What a shame and disgrace.
3. This is a precedent that Palestinian terrorists will use...
only then will these radical Jewish terrorists' defenders sing back and say "No no this cannot be..."
basically this is disgusting.
4. Justice denied
Ernie Karkoukly ,   Newmarket   (05.15.19)
Double standard. Shame for the unfairness. Result would have been totally different if the arson perpetrator was Palestinian and the victims Jewish
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