Opinion  Alex Fishman
Iran's nuclear standoff has left it in a bind
Alex Fishman
Published: 13.05.19, 23:22
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1. The truth is.....
DSM ,   USA   (05.14.19)
Iran can drop out of the Non Proliferation Treaty, without going to war and they can drop out of the 2015 nuclear deal and still produce nuclear weapons. Iran can do pretty much what they want to do because the only country that can stop them is the U.S. and that won't happen since there is hardly any call in the U.S. for going to war against Iran, unless attacked.
2. No minds.
sam tayar ,   Montreal   (05.14.19)
...........the ayatollahs have completely lost their minds.
3. same bullshit since I was a child.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.14.19)
do these imbeciles get some tip, baksheesh, to burn fake flags? No jobs there in Tehran?
4. Completely outmaneuvered & played by The Orange One
Cameron   (05.14.19)
The Shiites will come crawling to beg terms & favor from the King

There is no escape or savior for them.

Truly cornered by circumstances they are.
5. The Grand Game played right!
Cameron   (05.14.19)
6. Mr.
Arthur Golden ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.19)
The ayatollahs may have completely lost their minds.
7. Trump's strategy
C   (05.14.19)
trump's strategy is to maintain the status of the united states as the premier
superpower in the world.
he will not allow a terror state like iran to acquire nuclear weapons or to
use terror proxies to increase iran's influence in the middle east or
on the world stage.
8. Iran nuclear deal is not a treaty under US constitution
C   (05.14.19)
the deal was not submitted to the us senate for ratification.
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