Opinion  Amnon Abramovich
It's Israel that's in danger, not Netanyahu
Amnon Abramovich
Published: 14.05.19, 16:56
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1. Abramovich, a well known Netanyahu hater, has no credibility
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.14.19)
2. Wonderfully said
Avi L   (05.14.19)
Wonderfully said

Bibi is not good for the Jews
3. Fear-mongering
Alex   (05.14.19)
We voted because of fear, Netanyahu preachers fear and we live with tension of the expected, unexpected. When will we live un peace and security with our neighbors.
4. Any opinion by Abramovich is an assaul on a free, democratic
Israel, one that we have yet to achieve, once we clean the stables of the old (and clueless new/young) guard of leftist apparatchiks.
5. Bibi's leftist foes campaigning to make elections irrelevant
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.14.19)
The campaign against Bibi is really about the relevance of elections. Bibi's mostly leftist foes are campaigning to make elections irrelevant. If they are allowed to use hoax "investigations" to overturn elections, when they don't like the results, elections will become irrelevant.

The leftist deep state, in both Israel and America, is a huge problem. People, in both Israel and America, need to understand the big picture. This is not just about Bibi and Trump. Our freedom is at stake.
6. Is this the same Amnon Abramovich who coined the term "etrog
Jake   (05.14.19)
Proposing that the media treat Ariel Sharon as a political "etrog", not to say anything regarding the corruption probe against him that might appear incriminating....until the Gaza Disengagement Plan had been fully carried into effect.
7. Bibi is not the problem it's the Bibi haters.
lal ram ,   Wolerhampton, UK   (05.14.19)
It breaks my heart when I read negative comments from Bibi haters, people commenting on education system, I have waited over 45 years to visit Israel, my heart ached and yearned to visit Israel, finally I visited Israel when I got off the plane, I kissed the ground thanked the Almighty God, I have seen tremendous progress in education, hi-tech industries, self-sufficiency in oil gas, list goes on and on, The desert areas are blooming, All credit goes to Bibi, my brethren you have blurred vision, be proud of your heritage. May the Almighty God bless Bibi and Israel. Bibi is not perfect then who is.
8. EXCELLENT ANALYSIS, right on the money...
Rafi ,   US   (05.14.19)
9. EXCELLENT ANALYSIS, right on the money...
Rafi ,   US   (05.14.19)
10. Abramovich is very correct. Israel is in great trouble.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.14.19)
12. Good article, thank you.
cfspirit ,   fr   (05.14.19)
13. There's a fresh whiff of freedom in the air and Abramovich
is choking on that!
14. Pensioner
Gaja ,   Ashdod   (05.14.19)
How true and how sad. In next 20 years Israel will become another arabic country..
True third world country.
We are dealing with Bibi problems instead of dealing with our true problems.
Where will we go? To antisemitic Europe? Will we loose the most important thing to Jewish people , our country?
15. Israel is in the middle of a struggle for it's future
Shachar ,   Eilat   (05.15.19)
And it is a struggle between the Bibi-ists who want an Erdogan-style dictatorship, the religious who want an Iranian style theocracy and the Kahanists who want a Palestinian style anarchy. There was a very similiar struggle between sectins of the Jewish people just before the Romans kicked them out for 2000 years of exile. There is nothing like history replaying itself and the same fools arguing over the best way to self-destruct.
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