Opinion  Sever Plocker
Israel stays silent as Poland discriminates against its Jews
Sever Plocker
Published: 14.05.19, 18:26
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1. Poles only take from EU and accept no responsibilities.
UK Yahudi.   (05.14.19)
Poland has become a rich nation from exporting their workers throughout Europe and taking subsidies from EU. But they refuse to accept their role in the Holocaust and today do not take in refugees like France, Germany and the UK. They give very little back to the EU.
2. UK solved Poland's unemployment problem.Hence Brexit.
UK Yahudi   (05.14.19)
3. No Shock Here
DSM ,   USA   (05.14.19)
There were 11 concentration camps in Poland during WWII, is it any surprise that Poland remains a bastion of anti Jewish sentiment. That in addition to the anti semetic fervor that is sweeping Europe and creeping into the U.S, via the Democrat party.
4. Stop jumping to conclusions. I have no affinity with Poles,
but this round of pressuring for money, is surely instigated by some smart lawyers (Jewish I'm afraid) that have smelled "blood", just like with the other instances of Holocaust restitution.
Mark my words: any money if/when obtained, will end up in pockets of said hyenas and the "lawful owners" will beg for the remaining crumbs for years to come.
This is a scam par excellence!
I'd be mighty pissed off too if I were a "dumb Polak" :-)
5. Help the polish jews
claudio   (05.14.19)
Bring them to Israel from Poland........there are too much nazis there...!!!
6. Community and private property restitution status
E.W. ,   Edmonton   (05.14.19)
"The total amount in restitution for Jewish property (schools, synagogues and the like) in Poland is estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars only, to be paid over a period of many years, by government issued bonds. Meanwhile, private legal proceedings to recoup individual family property are proceeding in the courts."

Dear Sir,
You are not well informed in the matter. The 20th of February 1997 act of the Polish parliament regulates the matter of return of religious, educational, and other Jewish community property in article 30, please see http://orka.sejm.gov.pl/proc2.nsf/ustawy/1622_u.htm
All properties that were claimed by the Jewish community in Poland were already returned.

As far as private property, many were returned or compensated by the Polish courts, based on land title records and Polish law.
7. Damned if we do. Damned if we don't.
Jake   (05.14.19)
When Israeli politicians speak out against Polish Holocaust revisionism, the hypocritical media bashes them for fanning the flames with incendiary rhetoric.
When Israeli politicians are silent, the media accuses them of being silent in the face of antisemitism.
8. Not much can do. survivors went back see homes and murdered~
jore ,   la   (05.14.19)
9. Plus ca change plus la meme chose
Or in other words ,nothing has changed ,same old same old .
10. Israel supplies Poland with missile technology,what for?!!!!
ab   (05.14.19)
Polish antisemites would gladly sell it to Iran,or give for free, out of sheer hatred for Jews, but smart Israelis don't care
11. It is all about the photo op!
the last time the prime minister made any effort on behalf of European Jewry was when he was presented with the delightful photo opportunity AFTER the terrorist attacks in Paris.
When will the prime minister speak on behalf of Polish Jewry? See above and if it isn't clear well then you will never get the picture!
12. but, it's important 2 have European extremists as friends!
13. m
moishe   (05.14.19)
Poles adore dead Jews like Jesus and Mary. they kiss their feet in devotion. but Poles hate living Jews. particularly those in Poland. go figure.
14. Anti-Polish propaganda
Peter ,   USA   (05.15.19)
This article is a form of anti-Polish propaganda. We are talking here about the properties of heirless Jews/Poles alike, who under international norms are adopted by the state. Jews already have a way to get back their property through court if they possess a proof. In the meantime Israel already received billions from Germany while Poland got nothing and sustained up to 1 trillion dollars in loss, and greatest losses during WWII! Mr. Plocker, what you spread here is immorality and injustice. And Poland has every right to oppose it with full force vehemently!
15. We don't need to beg Poland or anyone else
...   (05.15.19)
past is past, if they don't want to give there is no need to beg for it.
16. Aside from the annual March of the Living
Arnishel ,   Montreal   (05.15.19)
to make sure the site stays open and not destroyed to build homes or factories.... what is the purpose to go to Poland. Let them rot in their hatred of Jews.
17. It's Bibi's lawyers cooking up new Sub-like scam, to leap up
the cream of this "deal"....
(I just made this up, but I'm sure many of you love to hear it:-))
18. Just to clarify
Tomek ,   Lublin   (05.15.19)
If you spent your entire life in Brooklyn, you are not a Holocaust survivor. Even if your tales are horrific. If you belong to the same ethno-linguistic group as some guy who happend to have died during WW2, you are not automatically his heir. If you are an Israeli Jew, you are in no position to take any moral high ground, as the country you are a citizen of has been partaking in human rights violations on massive scale for decades. You get away with it only because you have powerful friends. Finally, the ones who shout the loudest are seldom right.
19. A General Comment
Ragnar   (05.15.19)
My Polish grandfather who survived ethnic cleansing in eastern Poland by Ukrainian nationalists from UPA/OUN and who "spent" 3 years in a German slave labor camp. My grandfather did not receive a cent of reparations from Germans for his slave labor. My grandfather died at the age of 92 and his son is still alive but Germans don't want to pay. So here is the problem, Polish victims who were not compensated for their suffering and losses by Germans are asked to pay billions $ of reparations to Jews. It won't work because it is not fair..
20. Jews living in Poland?
Robert I. Kabakoff   (05.17.19)
Please explain how a Jew could decide to love his life i Poland today, a country no self-respecting Jew like me would even fly over today. Let them keep their ill-gotten ggains, karma's a bitch.
21. Yes you are greedy and your greed is abominable
AnnaD   (05.18.19)
This is greed trying to extort gazillions that will never go to holocaust victims anyway but will be redirected to some shady US organization for "other purposes"
22. Guilty by ethnic association? nonsense
AnnaD   (05.18.19)
WHo endorses criminals who were hostile towards Jews? Not Polish government. It was Germans who did it, as they were 100% in control of Polish lands. So end of story.
23. Jewish collaboration
Edward ,   Atlanta   (05.18.19)
This is absurd. It is the Jews obviously who discriminate and don't know anything about their own history! They are vile to the Polish and cry antisemitism. They collaborated more than the Poles sending their own people to the ovens. If Jews would read their own first hand accounts of Jewish police and Judenrat and sending hundreds of thousands to the camps. It had nothing to do with the Polish, but they blame everyone else. It's ridiculous and they complain about everyone else when they were much worse than the Poles and still are. Many people are waking up about the evils that the Jews committed and now trying to rape Poland. They even turned in Poles who tried to save them to save their own skins. They have no morals.
24. truth
Edward Reid ,   Atlanta   (05.18.19)
What about Christian victims in Poland? They never got anything? This is total falsehood and Jews continue to practice their victimhood with no regards for anyone else. This is blackmail and they are rewriting history making the Poles Nazis to suit their agenda.
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