Palestinian refugees still hope to return as they mark Nakba day
Published: 15.05.19, 08:45
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1. I’m sure if you ask jews
David ,   New york   (05.15.19)
I’m sure if you asked Jews that were displaced from Arab lands you’d hear similar sentiments. Only difference is they didn’t settle for becoming perpetual refugees but made a life for themselves with hard work.
2. He left Jafa in 1950?-He is an emigrant not a refugee
Alan ,   SA   (05.15.19)
3. "Home" is where Mecca is....................................
4. Reuters
Boaz   (05.15.19)
At the service and a mouthpiece for liars terrorists. There were no forced deportations from Jaffa. Arabs left because they were encouraged by the five attacking arab armies with the promise to come back to a jew free neighbourhood. The Arabs that stayed on in 1948 are now prominent Israeli arab families. They already testified that they were not forced to leave and never been scared to stay. Ask the Abu- El Aafia family again.
5. Go whine to your Arab League and demand return to Mecca
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.15.19)
6. The Jewish community of Gaza was expelled in the 1929 riots
Jake   (05.15.19)
and the Jewish Quarter destroyed.
I guess that little historical detail didn't make it into Reuters' "big scoop" of the day.
7. problem is nostalgia
zionist forever   (05.15.19)
Apart from the Pals leaders telling them for political reasons they are entitled to a ROR the main problem is nostalgia, these villages were destroyed long ago and you have the old men remembering the mosque, their house and flowers and they have this fantasy if they get their ROR they will take their rusty key and it will be as though they never left.
Reality is if they did return they would be living in an apartment building somewhere because the only thing left of the house and village is the rusty key.

They old men tell their kids about the paradise village and they tell their children and grandchildren and so pretty soon even the people who have never seen these places dream of returning to the old house if they just have a ROR.
8. why are these people refugees?
C   (05.15.19)
the arab palestinians and their descendants are eternal refugees.

the arab league and the united nations made sure that these
people remain eternal refugees.

refugees in europe after wwii were absorbed--millions of them.
9. m
moishe   (05.15.19)
he left of his own will. he abandoned his home. he gave up the right to return.
10. 18 children!
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.15.19)
Amazing. He could start a whole city just by himself. As others have said, many Arabs remained behind and became very successful. So why did this fellow pick up and leave? Maybe he thought the grass was greener in Gaza and now has regrets?
11. "I have never lost hope, and never will"
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.15.19)
Well... me too.

But, let's look at the prices of real estate: just now, I can see someone trying to rent out an apartment in TLV for more than 10.000,00 NIS.

Who can pay? To do alyah, you have to win the lottery before. Only rich people can live in Israel.

Israelis think they live in London, Switzerland or somewhere like that.
12. Too much already
Fed Up   (05.15.19)
I call BS. Do I expect to be repatriated to towns in Europe where my family was driven from in WW2? Or what about the towns we were kicked out of in Spain and Portugal following the Inquisition. This is the way of the world folks. This man at 73 left his family's home in Jaffa when he was 2. His home is Gaza - make the most of it instead of running into a garbage dump and brainwashing your descendants into believing dying for a piece of land that was never a country is really theirs to own.
13. HE left Jaffa in 1950- it is after the war! (that was forced
14. Tal ar-Rabeea
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.15.19)
there were no such thing; see the early pictures before 1900's: just sand.
15. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.15.19)
In 1948 the Arab League told the Jordanians (Palestinians) and Egyptians living in or near the Jewish Partition to get out! After the Jews were slaughtered, these people could return. The Arab League lost and refused to incorporate these people into their territories to this day.
16. Why publish this "reuter" drek?
Avi L.   (05.15.19)
This piece of disinformation out of "PA authority"?

It would take too long to debunk the whole "article"

Give to them the houses from which Jews were expelled!
17. Many Arabs were orignally from Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc.
NYC   (05.16.19)
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