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Report: Iran halts some commitments under nuclear deal
Published: 15.05.19, 09:08
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1. Iran deal is not a treaty; furthermore, it would expire
C   (05.15.19)
in a few years.

obama's deal is fake and unenforceable under us constitution.

iran should agree to negotiate a new deal with president trump.
2. m
moishe   (05.15.19)
when, not if , Iran has an atomic bomb it will be eligible for nuclear retaliation. it will threaten but will not use nuclear weapons for fear of retaliation in kind. Iran will face harsher scrutiny as well. there is no chance for peace and prosperity in the Moslem ME. evil leaders, stupid people.
3. footballer
thomas tome ,   washington   (05.15.19)
always they are wickened ,,why??
4. BUT WHY ?
Why does iranian nuclear equipment and centrifuges display the Batman logo ?
5. Trump approach is best
Cameron   (05.15.19)
Shut down the very heart of their economy until internal misery & unrest in Persia force the regime to terms.

He will play this one the whole way down the line.
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