Polish ambassador in Israel assaulted on streets of Tel Aviv
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.05.19, 10:44
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1. Polish ambassador attacked
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.19)
Not nice @but so sweet!
2. hold my beer
Tomek ,   Lublin   (05.15.19)
"The attack comes amid the growing diplomatic tension between the two countries, as the former Soviet nation refuses to pay restitution to Holocaust survivors and downplays the county’s involvement in Nazi-orchestrated atrocities." - are you an idiot or what?
3. "Blyng"a ,typical russkie troll,not that his "thoughts"
ab   (05.15.19)
are alien to the Polish masses
4. Survivors still have nightmares of their childhood horrors.
NYC   (05.15.19)
5. Like father like son. It's typical Jewish behaviour
not surprised   (05.15.19)
towards Poles in pre-war Poland. Just like in Mea Shearim towards goyim today.
6. Polish
Lynn Allen ,   Galena   (05.18.19)
just shouting at him.Many helpful thousands of Polish citizens killed Jews.A crime!
7. Poles are a xenophobic people
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