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Madonna arrives in Israel ahead of Eurovision performance
Ran Boker
Published: 15.05.19, 11:59
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1. "ancient conflict"?
Robert I. Kabakoff ,   New York   (05.15.19)
I hear that quite frequently - even from relatively educated people I assume would know better. My opinion is that there is nothing "ancient" about it at all unless about 120 years ago is now considered "ancient" by them. This is not Esau vs Yacov, this is Muslim Arabs against Zionist Jews. Btw, Zionism is sine qua non to Judaism and the Jewish nation.
2. Madonna arrives in Israel: Yawn! next.
3. You pay, they come. Simple& clean!
4. "Esther" not willing to make a free gesture to support the
nation that gave her "The Kabbalah"?
How sad...
Has she already gone through her fortune...? (Allah forbid!)
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