Opinion  Alex Fishman
A U.S.-Iran confrontation will inevitably include Israel
Alex Fishman
Published: 15.05.19, 23:05
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1. As It Should
DSM ,   USA   (05.16.19)
2. Me like: using Bibi's own scare tactics on us, are we now?!
3. Paper Tiger Iran launched 20 missiles at Israel a year ago
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.16.19)
All failed to reach their target.

This time Iran will achieve the same results but the retaliation from Israel will be devastating
4. The U.S. military has already retaliated against Iran
Shep ,   Memphis   (05.16.19)
I have heard that the U.S military has already taken out a number of Iranian positions threatening the Persian Gulf without making it public so as not to force Iran to escalate in order to save face. So far Iran has not retaliated.
5. Poof
Stanley   (05.16.19)
The US could turn Iean into a barren wasteland quicker than Salami sitting on a toilet seat
6. We control the game
Cameron   (05.16.19)
Persian forces & abilities are simply no match against the US on any level.

Not in the past, not in the present.

There is no getting around that cold reality.

They can threaten & pull stunts, but I know & you know they are truly caught in the net Trump has cast over them.
7. If Putin requested to Iran not to kick the nuclear agreement
claudio   (05.16.19)
Is because he is sure that a war in the Middle East could damage not only the world economy ,blowing up the oil prices, also could result in a atmospheric contamination......
Is clear that is not a child's game.
8. How is Soleimani even breathing?
The Hajj from Dodge ,   The West is the Best   (05.16.19)
Well, not for too much longer. Iran is on the brink of knowing freedom. Once the mullahs are dethroned, Iran will be returned to its people.

Israel will do its part.

G-d Bless Donald Trump.

9. Death blow..
Robert I. Kabakoff   (05.16.19)
10. Never Happen
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.16.19)
IDF troops have never fought along side the US in any Conflict. In 1990, the US gave Israel a bunch of then-new and untested US tech to intercept SCUD missiles. The missiles were in exchange for not interfering in a US war to oust Iraq from Kuwait.

Not after 9-11 (defending US Skies), not in Afghanistan, Not in Iraq, not in Somalia, not in Yemen, not against ISIS, never once has the US actually been there as a military ally to the US.

It will never happen in the conflict with Iran. Saudis will also be no-shows, too.
11. yep! like when it was USA-Iraq war we got hit...
12. Fifth scenario Assad is no more
Avi L.   (05.16.19)
Fifth scenario Assad is no more, Syrian regime falls apart, khomeinists lose legitimacy (what of Putin? maybe a piece of Syria could suffice? title of "high protectors of the alawis"?)

Once the khomeinists perceived as weakened as consequence of the devastation of iranian and proxy forces in Syria, what of the sunno-jihadis reserves that erdo is keeping warm in Idlib?

What of the resentment of the Sunnis in Lebanon?

This could leave the shia underbelly in the region exposed to the revenge of everydody else, middle east style, gangsta style, Tikrit or Hama style

Differently from arabs-sunnis, khomeinists don't belong to any supergroup, they are the top of their own perso-shia group, nobody will come to their aid

Fifth scenario is taking the decision to end with khomeinism once and for all and with that political fiction of that Sykes-Picot so entity called "Syria" ...why not?

Of course then remain erdogan jihadis minions and the sunnis world without the shia counterweight
13. why is he still talking?
C   (05.16.19)
obama warned him of possible assassination.
14. Important question!
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (05.16.19)
Has anyone thought about how much military force both the US & Israel have, one that could destroy Iran to its foundation. None wants to use this power, but time is getting close to the point, that total destruction of both Iran and part of Lebanon and Gaza is necessary.
15. Student.
Gregory Leeds M.S. ,   Lewes, Delaware, USA   (05.16.19)
The S-400 missile system in South Korea (which also uses the F-35 Fighter platform) did not raise a concern in the United States as it did as the Turks when they were about to use both systems in combination. This should concern Israel, if attacked by their enemies, to help count on Turkish military and moral support. The new U.S. administration has put over 75 years of foreign policy at risk with NATO by alienating Turkey because of Trumps blantant shift to Russia in both Syria and Libya in order to destroy all the Obama administration gains to thwart the Putin version of his regional relevence. Trump is a grave threat. The entire GOP base has been told by several administration officials that Trump may have "been ordained by God" in his policies. Just what particular "god" are they delusional about?
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.17.19)
They will keep trying to attack with a few idiots here and there and we have to wait until the mass in Iran will get the courage and opportunity to fight them back. They already know that most of population is not following their laws and doctrine. .
17. PMF
Adolf ,   Suva   (05.17.19)
Is that why he moved with some of his Quds force top generals to Iraq on May 13 2019 to orchestrate the PMF 130000 militia and its preparations for war after he transfer for the last two years state the art weapons to their bases in Western Iraq
18. Transportation Engineer
Richard Dougherty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.17.19)
See Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39! This nuclear war will probable start at the end of President Trump's first term-January 2021. Israel will be protected by God through iron dome. Europe will sit this war out. Everyone else will be destroyed or badly damaged.
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