Opinion  Smadar Perry
Jordan's king is left isolated and weak, at our peril
Smadar Perry
Published: 17.05.19, 19:26
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1. Fake King in times of fake news. Not looking good indeed!
2. His "kingdom" has to make room for "Palestine", oh well...
3. Economic collapse
Stop cursing Israel
4. Not as bad as it is described here
deavman ,   TA   (05.17.19)
Let Jordan fall. It was never meant to be an independent country, People are afraid of change but to keep propping up this dead horse just delays the inevitable.
5. economic collapse in the SK (small kingdom). Not UK.
ex Oleh Chadash   (05.17.19)
wise man: someone told me he already purchased real estate in the US. Probably, he plans to emigrate after the collapse...
6. Abdullah's Missed Opportunity
Nigel Kersh ,   Ra'anana   (05.17.19)
Abdullah could have held a pivotal role if he had persuaded other Arab countries to normalize their relationships with Israel. Instead, he stuck to the tired old tropes of Israel "occupying Arab land", yada, yada... Pity he didn't have the courage of his father.
7. The King is our bling...
Los Duedores ,   Sephardica, ES   (05.17.19)
The Jordanians under the Hussein family have generally been a historic aid to Israeli and American interests in the region. This tendency should be recognized and honored.
OLEG ,   FLORIDA   (05.17.19)
9. the king of Palestine
attan ,   paris   (05.17.19)
Jordan should not exist ,it is the area dedicated to muslim palestinian , the other side of jordan river is the area dedicated to tne return of the jews in their home land
the best action for this "king" is to take in his kingdom the Gazans and the Palestinians
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (05.18.19)
from the june trump plan why? soon most west bank arabs will be moved to JORDAN
11. Sure to lead 90% Palestinians is a failure?
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (05.17.19)
Another experiment to show Total Failure of any Pal Enterprise, maybe begging for Dubai or Emirate funding????
12. this is the root for why?
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (05.17.19)
13. The Jordanians Are Insane Jew Haters
Jake ,   Dallas   (05.18.19)
Let them rot.
14. Jordan is three times size of Israel, not a small kingdom
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.18.19)
15. The real king
Ashraf Alshiab ,   Edmonton   (05.18.19)
That’s because he is refusing the deal of century. He is looking to be honest with his people. He is working honestly to make the Jordanians the best . Also he is not accepting anything against the Palestine earth or people. We are behind him as a Jordanians and Arab. To do what ever he wants. God bless you my leader.
16. Arab countries should stop giving oil to USA
Ashraf Alshiab ,   Edmonton   (05.18.19)
They should keep their oil just for them and if they want to sale it it should be very expensive. Let’s go back 30 years ago when king Faisal stopped giving them oil. We can go back to ride camels and horses. All the Arab countries should be united and no body like this idiot can say anything even his cars will stop.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.18.19)
WB can go back to Jordan and that is all. PALIS are too weak to govern themselves. Stop creating false hope for the PALIS. They need to face the real truth.
18. Playing His Jew Hating Card
Lee ,   LA   (05.18.19)
The King has played his Israeli/Jew hating card a little too much. His restive and majority Pal public of course hates Israel it is just that they are non plussed. You would think the street would commend their king for the stability provided. But, that is not the Arab way either in Jordan or Israel. The King is the last monarch, he knows it. What is to follow? Misery, a lot of misery.
19. 3 ways to spread secrets-telaphone,telagraph and telabdullah
Alan ,   SA   (05.18.19)
20. The 2-state solution.
tiki ,   belgium   (05.18.19)
Israel & Jordan/Palestine with some border correction..

The only right one!

A win win for all!

The Jordan king is not part of the solution....but the main problem!.
21. If Jordan falls
the entire Eastern border of Israel will be exposed. Jordanian king is not perfect, but from the Arab leaders, he is still one of the more reasonable ones. It is somebody, you can talk to.
22. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (05.18.19)
Tell the Jordanians if they want to go bankrupt, to contact israel for a fab real estate deal

23. Failed kindergarten of Jordan
This king is a corrupt and big liar , he lies every time he speaks .. he robbed his own people to buy expensive clothes for his wife !!
Every time he loses money in Las Vegas , he comes back and raises taxes on his very poor people ... no freedom of speech , no democracy , failed economy , investors are fleeing ,, 40% unemployment rate , 70% poverty rate .. and this ugly king is blaming all of his problems on Israel !!!!
24. We strong
Shadi ,   Shadi.modeen@gmail.c   (05.18.19)
king Abdullah the second is tbe strongest king on the level of all kings. No one like, we are all Jordanian stand behind him. Hi s ideas always right, his majesty ccan face any argument toward Jerwsalem the red zone. Hi Everyone King Abdullah is our king and we can do what we want to do. Nobody can put ourplan.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (05.18.19)
WB can go back to Jordan and that is all. PALIS are too weak to govern themselves. Stop creating false hope for the PALIS. They need to face the real truth.
26. As Israel is encircled by Iran
this human   (05.18.19)
from Lebanon to Yemen, it would behoove Israel to maitain it's Jordainian buffer.
27. quit whining
ed   (05.18.19)
once bennett takes over, israel will be in good shape. israel would be better off with sara running israel, than her weak husband-big tlaker and weak doer.

ask idf comrades what the commando pmactually did himself during service?

quit whining like ben dror wretched beilin or haaretz journalists.
28. jews forget
marcel   (05.18.19)
why leave jewish lands of reuben, gad and menassah on the east bank on king's hands. return them to israel as they are part of ancient kingdom.
29. new elections
manny   (05.19.19)
gantz is no answer-he is weaker than bibi. he has not demonstrated decisive militray leadership. far from it in the gaza war, he was severely reprimanded by comptroller report.

lapid is retread olmert-arrogance and concessions.

israelis can rethink bennett and feiglin who should score bigger in the next election.

leiberman talks a good game but as defense minister he did not deliver. he says bibi overruled him. what are you- a baby. you should have forced the issue. avigdor cannot be trusted as he showed when he supported chamberlain john kerry. also we do not know his russian ties. he cannot be trusted.

vote for bennett and feiglin.
30. Offer Jordan's king help in exchange for land
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.21.19)
Jordan is built on almost 80% of the original Jewish Homeland Mandate. Israel should offer Jordan's king help in exchange for parcels of land that rightfully belong to Israel. Wouldn't it be great to see Israel stand up for our rights and take the offensive for once? You can't win playing defense.
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