EU to examine hate in Palestinian textbooks
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.05.19, 20:13
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1. Just bomb
These evil creatures once and for all and F the leftist opinion
2. Pals don't want 2 states unless it's 2 Pal states
Sam ,   Montreal   (05.15.19)
What Palestinian leaders want is to keep provoking Palestinians to risk their lives to kill Jews while they live in comfortable luxury. The EU is brain dead and thinks a Palestinian state solves everything.
3. European Moghirini Finall Wakwes Up !!
mark smilovitz ,   New York   (05.16.19)
Like ..Now ....Where have they been till Now

Idiots.. See No Evil Hear No Evil
4. Just a joke on EU's part. They knew, they know, they love it
5. The outcome is know in advance
Boaz   (05.16.19)
They will ask the palis and palis will say: No NO this is just colouring book for children and what can happen if our children play with fire. Ms Mogherini: "I accept the palis version as colouring books for kids and believe that it was not intentional and urge the Israeli to show restraint. Mahmoud here is some more money. Teach them in maths and physics how to make bombs"
6. Foreign Affairs representative Mogherini, who outspoken
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (05.16.19)
hates the Jewish State Israel and acts whenever possible against Israel, is examining anti-Semitic books?

She is an expert on Islam and is possibly a Muslima.

7. I don't give a damn about EU, but I do hold OUR government
responsible for ignoring this fact for years, while spreading propaganda of Two States for two "peoples"!
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