Legal experts seeking Nation-State Law amendment
Shahar Hai, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 15.05.19, 23:05
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1. If so, you must add Russian as well! WTF is this: quattro-
national state?!!
2. Jurists should demand first equal rights for Jews and Hebrew
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (05.16.19)
in Muslim countries
3. One country One language. At home, speak Yiddish who cares?
4. How many “official” languages should USA have then?!
5. Changes to the law affect Jewish state concept
zionist forever   (05.16.19)
Israel has never had any kind of law stating that either Arabic or Hebrew are official languages, for practicality Arabic has always been on official documents, road signs etc but LEGALY there has never an official language it was just ASSUMED was official.
Same thing with the concept of a Jewish state, nothing legislation saying that if wise to stop Israel being officialaly declared a Muslim one, the Nation State Law just makes the idea of Jewish state with Hebrew as the language constitutional.

Making Arabic into an official language could possibly be an acceptable amendment if one was going to be made but there is no room for words like equality because you cannot have equality without Israel being a state of its citizens and if it’s that it cannot be a Jewish one.
There are also other laws that might be affected if the Nation State is changed like the Law of Return because like the Nation State it gives Jews an entitlement not given to others so ovetfurning one Might lead to the other being overturned so it’s dangerous to mess with the Nation State and now the election is over politicians should stop promising to mess with it.
6. Equality
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (05.16.19)
Nationality is not the question of equality! If you want to have the mention of equality, it should be in rights but also in obligations of all citizens (respect the Israeli laws, anthem, flag, serving the Army etc.)
7. The Nation State Law has created problems not solved them
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.16.19)
Israel as a Jewish national home is not the issue - except for extremists. The problem is in defining a nation-state on an ethno-religious basis. That is bound to bring trouble e.g. Pakistan appears to be designed in his way, with its creation after partition resulting, for example, in the migration of Sikhs from Lahore where they had lived for centuries. On the other hand, India, as a country for many communities, is clearly the major centre for Hinduism and its adherents while at the same time the home for over 100 million Muslims (one of whom was President of India). So, with goodwill on all sides, these issues can be resolved by Israel but not if it copies countries such as Iran or Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, what next: the Jewish Republic of Israel?
8. Ignore leftist jurists. This is our sole Jewish Homeland
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.16.19)
Leftist jurists are trying to use legal power to promote their destructive agenda, because they can't win elections. Ignore them. This is our sole Jewish Homeland. Tell the jurists to promote equality for Jews in Muslim lands.
9. A certain rightist talks the 'sole' 'tiny' Jewish homeland?
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.16.19)
There are only 14 million Jews in the entire world. How many homelands are needed, for goodness sake? Do you hear Singaporeans bang on in a similar way about their 'tiny' homeland?
10. TBers ignorance and fear is on display here!
They must all be bible belters who barely speak English. ..because word they all speak "...Merican"
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