Why is no one in Likud speaking out against the immunity bill?
Yuval Karni
Published: 16.05.19, 10:37
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1. Why?
PATRICIA GOLDBERG ,   Maagan michael   (05.16.19)
because everyone in the Likud wants to keep their seats so they do not say anything. They prefer to destroy democracy in Israel - their personal interest is more important. Very sad!
2. Peopl are frightened, afraid of revange of the Extreme Right
Maximilian Teusch ,   Seldwyla   (05.16.19)
secret bullies. The similarities with pre 2nd ww in Germany are increasing.

I would not be surprised, if the extreme Right Wing will trigger a coup. d'état.
3. Yo, idiots, brainless&clueless, lobotomized Zombies: BECAUSE
most of our citizenry knows what's going on.
The insidious leftist apparatchiks are facing extinction and try by any/all means to overthrow the government.
Will not happen, dumbshits!
4. Israel's Erdoğan!
Marc ,   Montreal   (05.16.19)
What a shame for Israel's democracy!
If such legislation is passed, Israel will no longer be known
as the Middle East's only democracy!
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