Palestinian youth are a lost generation
Shimrit Meir
Published: 16.05.19, 23:19
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1. Ridiculous
Ed ,   USA   (05.17.19)
Another ridiculous y-net editorial. Palestinians in Gaza have shown amazing resourcefulness in converting all foreign aid into means of attacking Israel. Gaza's government has no concern for the welfare or the rights of its citizens. If the Gazans were really desperate, there might be a chance, maybe a small chance, that they would finally be willing to live in peace.
2. Oh yes?
Ike ,   Gouangzhou   (05.17.19)
Is Israel starting the violence?

With people like you we don’t need ennemies
3. All the fault of leadership
Arnie ,   Montreal   (05.17.19)
In 1947 there has been no Palestinian leadership to establish before the UN their state of Palestine as requested by the UN Mandate. Since that time there has only ever been rejection of any form of discussion. All through the Arafat years and the Abbas years there was the same demands with no five on Palestinian side. Today yes Palestinians are frustrated and dejected because they cannot even replace their “elected leaders” There has not been new elections since 2006.
4. Palestinian youth
Mike ,   seattle   (05.17.19)
The Palestinian youth are lost because Palestinian leadership wants them that way. If they are lost and hopeless they will be more willing to become suicide bombers and terrorists and have no goal in life other than to kill Jews and destroy Israel. If they have hope for a better life then they will realize they have been used, abused and lied to by their own leaders and those leaders will be in danger from the youth whose lives they have ruined. This is not complicated. The Palestinians would rather live in misery and blame the Jews for that misery then improve their lives and the lives of their chilren. It is the oldest game in town.
5. avoid violence at all costs
LARRY LISS   (05.17.19)
and i was told by my father in 1967 we are not sheep anymore when the IDF fights they are lions now we should drop to our knees and beg the arabs to stop hitting us op ed you are a sheep
6. m
moishe   (05.17.19)
and not the last 'lost generation'. is it the people or the leadership? either way it is sad.
7. Losing friends......
tiki ,   belgium   (05.18.19)
So it's a good thing that the ultra leftist idiots in Europe & US are still firmly behind them to support them in their road to destruction.
8. Help "Palestinians" find a better life elsewhere
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.18.19)
The ideal solution, for both Israel and "Palestinians, is to help "Palestinians" find a better life elsewhere. Stop madly investing in helping our mortal "Palestinian" foes squat comfortably on our land, while plotting our demise. Instead, invest in "Palestinian" departure. Most of them want to leave! Every sane Israeli also wants them to leave. We have unity of purpose and a true win/win proposition here.
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